Sun in Second House

Second House
Sun in 2nd house
11 Mar 2018

Effects of Sun in 2nd House in Horoscope

According to Vedic Astrology effects of Sun in 2nd House from ascendant are both positive and negative in horoscope of males and females in matter of finance, money, career, health etc.


Effects of Sun in 2nd House


  • The placement of planet Sun in 2nd house is not admired, although it illuminates and brightens the 2nd house meaning second house significations apparently seems appearing well to other persons but inside story will be altogether different.
  • Males & females family with Sun in 2nd house family will be known or renowned in the society and local area. Native will be learned, educated and has analytical or scientific bend of mind, possess bright speech and voice but affliction also gives stammering or lisping in speech and takes away aforesaid.


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  • Planet Sun in second house makes the person at times proud, egoistic, showy regarding wealth and name fame of family or lineage having.
  • Second house Sun, if associated or polluted with malefics gives suffering in the hands of government and authorities by offending them any how knowingly unknowingly.
  • Males and females with Sun in 2nd house will be industrious but the money will not come to the native easily, possess conveyances (four-wheeler) if supported by benefic. But if afflicted makes person poor, non-courteous, haughty and aimless wanderer.


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  • Native with Sun in Second House may have pale and diseased face, shirty, harsh yet decorous speech, gets irritated easily even on trivialities, obstinate. Although sign occupied by Sun has an important role along summed with astakvarga points there for overall analysis.
  • In many cases of sun in 2nd house we came across to see that native’s wife creates disputes or becomes cause of disharmony, conflicts among family members. Sun in 1st house if favorably post is good for father but native may not have good understanding or relation with father.


Words of Wisdom for Sun in 2nd House


Above effects of Sun in 2nd house on a persons character and attributes are extremely general in nature &  are influenced by the various factors such as  aspect of planets on house, their strength, position and strength in astakvarga, navamsha etc. Above stated are the general common points which are basic traits of planet occupying a particular house hence should not be applied bluntly and blindly merely seeing the sign & planet occupying the house .

We suggest, everyone should get their horoscope evaluated with competent astrologer to check the flaws and doshas etc. because there are many other points to ponder over and we have touched a general aspect because of length of article and writing.





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