Saturn in Sixth House

Sixth House
saturn in 6th house
15 Feb 2018

7 Real Effects of Saturn in 6th House in Horoscope

As per Vedic Astrology sixth house represent job, disease, health, debts, enemies, court cases etc in horoscope, if Shani or Saturn in 6th House present, being a malefic it gives both good and bad effects in horoscope of both male and female.


Results of Saturn in 6th house


  • Planet Saturn in sixth house in having mixed impact on the native, on experiencing with several charts it can be said so though malefic planet occupying malefic is said to enter into negation of negativity.
  • Saturn in 6th house if not having benefic association or aspect then rather makes both male and female stubborn or obstinate, clever, active, conquers enemies , if enters into litigation or dispute Saturn will give victory for sure but can take time.


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  • Shani or Saturn here for all ascendants if not aspected or afflicted by malefic certainly awards man and woman with tremendous amount of courage and self-confidence as well yet at times make them peevish or quarrelsome.
  • As per vedic classics, well disposed Saturn in horoscope gives career mostly in serving others, government service, dealing with labors, service or profession in mining, masonary, engineering, earth related matters etc.
  • The planet Saturn being isolated or separative planet give tendency of confinement or privation and diseases arising out of it. Stomach related issues mostly due to wind (gas) will be certainly troubling the native and will become as the age progresses.


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  • These male and female may not be having nice relation with the subordinates or those who are working below or under them. Native loves to eat a lot, at times become voracious eater.
  • With Saturn in sixth house in horoscope, person will be having few relatives and brethren or person may not indulge or separate himself from them. Saturn in 6th house gives power, fortune, with plenty of pleasures, riches, conveyances as well.
  • As per Vedic texts, exalted or own sign Shani graha or Saturn bestows everything to the native but ill placed or afflicted can bring troubles via venereal diseases, accidents, rheumatism, chronic digestive issues, progeny issues, troubles from servants, attendants, animals etc.


These are the general home based Remedies for Saturn in 6th house in Horoscope for problem caused during Saturn Mahadasha and Antardasha or transit. This remedies will help you to much anticipated relief from agony of lord Shani.



Words of Wisdom



Above impact of Shani or Saturn due to placement in sixth house in horoscope of both male and female  are extremely general in nature and are influenced by the various factors such as  aspect of planets on house, their strength, position and strength in Navamsha etc. Above stated are the general common points which are basic traits of Planet occupying a particular house hence should not be applied bluntly and blindly merely seeing the sign & planet occupying the house.


If you are suffering due to Saturn in fifth house or having problems in life due to planet Saturn-






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