Rahu In Fiery Sign / Agni Rashi

Rahu in Aries,Leo, Sagittarius
rahu in Fiery sign
11 Feb 2018

Effects & Results of Rahu in Fiery Signs/Agni Rashis (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Here we would like to throw some light on the general or common results which the planet Rahu in fiery sign is supposed to give if it is placed  anywhere in the charts of the.native. Since every rashi or sign is comprised of 30 degrees and thus all twelve complete 360 degrees. Basically, sign or rashis are classified into four broad categories primarily

  • Fiery Signs – Aries (1), Leo(5) , Sagittarius(9)
  • Earthy Sign- Taurus(2), Virgo(6), Capricorn(10)
  • Airy Signs – Gemini(3), Libra(7), Aquarius(11)
  • Watery sign- Cancer(4), Scorpio(8), Pisces(12)

Though there are other peculiarities on which these rashis are further differentiated such as on the basis of movement (fixed, movable, dual or common), gender (masculine, feminine, neuter) odd, even etc. and various other subtle classification but that is not the topic of our presentation so we restrict at this level of rudiments .Each rashi carries bundles of specific qualities in its existence and similarly every planet do also inherent peculiar agenda and characteristics, in vedic astrology every planet must have to acquire certain house along with specific sign.

When a planet occupies certain rashi then the qualities and characteristics of the sign will surely be influencing the natural basic character and capabilities of the planet either adversely or positively enhancing the values of the planet, neutral term is also used in astrological parlance yet some effects will always be acquired by the planet. On the basis of comfort, trouble or undisturbed zone for a planet, friend, enemy, neutral is thus called and used in astrology which simply denote the degree of easiness or difficulty which a planet undergoes or exhibit while it is placed in a particular sign.

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Rahu is Exalted – Taurus


Own rashi–Aquarius


It is as depicted by the Sage Parashara while others do have other views also.

Now we are going to discuss the results which the planet Rahu in Fiery sign is supposed to deliver one by one without considering other factors such as combination with other planet, aspects etc. The effects or results can be seen during the dasha of the Rahu predominantly.

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Rahu in fiery Sign– Aries:  

Aries being a fiery sign and lord is Mars, when Rahu occupies this sign in the chart then it is considered to be good, overall happiness in terms of family, domestic bliss will be felt, native will be generous.

Good enjoyments of materialistic life, induces native with good spiritual values, will be action oriented and takes action without being concerned about what people will think about.

Rahu here make the person active, dominant, impulsive, determinant and decision maker, will have enterprise skill along with ability to lead and have administrative capabilities as well.

 During the course of dasha religious activities like Ramayana path, sundar kand path, Geeta path etc. or any kind of activities related to religion happens and many times it is seen that person acquires immovable assets, luxury or lifestyle items as well during this time.

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 Rahu in fiery Sign– Leo:

Leo being another sign of fiery category owned by the Sun, placement of Rahu in this enemical sign is not considered good, during dasha of Rahu, trouble from authorities or government is faced by the native, causes anxiety and tensions.

Rahu in leo makes the person self-entered and self-absorbed, yet the person will be self-made and of evolved soul who quite a lot explored himself and this Rahu gives something different ability, capability by which they are into unorthodox or unusual professions.

There are strong chances that native is been cheated or encounter fraud by the unknowns or foreigner or by any outcaste fellows which can even bring confinement or imprisonment to the native in due course of dasha if not supported by benefics.

Sun being king and administrator, Rahu being deceptor, does unwell here and thus government or authoritative sources along with political persons catch the native in context of offenses, misappropriations done by the native in relation to them.

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Rahu in fiery Sign– Sagittarius:

Sagittarius is the last among the fiery category of signs ruled by Jupiter, intelligent and protector. Rahu here awards one with plenty of wealth and material happiness, success in accumulating wealth, increase in gains suddenly along with success in all endeavors.

One thing, Rahu here is believed and seen that it certainly gives gains which is not really expected by the native and also without putting any significant or almost no effort in quest to have that gains.

Native collects information and possess knowledge in various field but don’t have expertise in any , they have their own view to look at the life and philosophy, native will be having pleasant voice and nice ethics , tendency towards exploring new paradigm in religion, occult etc. can be seen.

 Apart from these benefits Rahu here also brings some demerits as well, as during the dasha there can be sudden death of loved one or any relative and thus causing sorrow and grief to the native.

Note:-These are the general results based on sign of placement of Rahu, before arriving onto any conclusive statement others factors such as house, aspects, combination etc .also  should taken care.



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