Rahu in 5th House

Fifth House
Rahu in 5th House
17 Oct 2017

10 Effects of Rahu in 5th House in Horoscope

In Vedic Astrology ancient scriptures, (South Node) Rahu in 5th House from Lagna (Ascendant) or Navamsa in horoscope of both male and females generally not considered good in terms of love marriage, Love Affairs, Marriage, health, relationships, Karmas, children, childbirth, education etc. Below effects due to fifth house Rahu are applicable for native of all 12 ascendants, intensity of result varies depending upon various other factors in kundli.


Results of Rahu in 5th House


Karmas – Association of Rahu with fifth house is believed to create a dosha which actually has to do with past previous births. The fifth house in horoscope is the house of poorva punya and Rahu being a Karmic planet is clearly indicating bad karmic debts.


The fruits of Karmic Dosha will be awarded to the native in terms of fifth house significations prominently via progeny etc. For further reading about Karmic Dosha efefcts on progeny refer our article. 


Progeny : A Karmic Parody


Person Behaviour – Troubled and imbalanced in emotions, frequent or unusual mood swing and behavioral patterns resembling  like eccentrics, foolish are the marked features.


Effects on health – Suffers from stomach ache or colic. The native suffers from heart, chest pains any incurable trouble and on account of government.


Love Affairs – These natives may easily fall a prey of love affairs, hard hearted and mostly unconventional, narrow minded, tyrannical. But polite in speaking, carries huge longing for name fame, recognition and attention. Mostly prefer love marriage over arrange marriage in Indian context. 


Gambling – Rahu in fifth house gives tendency of speculations, betting etc. means quick money minded.


Childbirth – The man & woman may have issues in progeny usually delays, first issue suffers a lot or dies. Suffering via progeny is result of Rahu in the fifth house.



Nature – These male and female are endless argumentative and loves to debate to show what he/she knows and wants to be cynosure.


Creativity – They are good dreamers and good at observing the people and if supported could be a discoverer of new paradigms and create something stunning.


Children – Largely, suffers a lot from progeny point of view, before and after of children both. Misfortune to son occurs due to snake curse.


Friends – Boys & girls of all ascendants is generally misunderstood by friends and relative and unfriended and thus have few friends to mingle with.


Words of Wisdom for Rahu in 5th house: 


As per vedic astrology, above fifth house Rahu in horoscope attributes are extremely general in nature. These results are influenced by the various factors such as planet occupying the house, aspect of planets on house, their strength etc. Above stated are the general common points which are basic traits of Planet occupying a particular house. Hence, should not be applied bluntly and blindly merely seeing the sign & planet occupying the house.

We suggest, everyone should get their horoscope evaluated with competent astrologer for specific conclusion.


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