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Fourth House
Rahu in 4th House
14 Oct 2017

10 Effects of Rahu in 4th House in Horoscope

In general, placement of Rahu in 4th house from lagna (ascendant) in birth or navamsa chart does not gives good results as per vedic astrology and this is not an auspicious positions of Rahu in horoscope. The effects of Rahu in the fourth house on males & females varies in intensity based on rising sign and other associations in kundli.


Effects of Rahu in 4th House


  • Big Family & Rented Home – Person with Rahu in 4th house generally have have big large family. The native usually lives in a rented house or spends considerable time of life in rented house.


  • Personality – Tendency to lie or getting favor by hook or crook, hence landing into mischievous, fraudulent activities, he may also be victimized of fraud, guilty of fraudulent action. Possess everything but unable to enjoy it.


  • Extra Marital Affairs – Liaison with women of easy virtue in male native is seen and usually with other factors supporting. Native with fourth house Rahu easily get indulged into love affairs and probability of extra marital affairs are seen at large provided Venusian affliction and other malefic involvement is there.


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  • Fear and Insecurity – Psychic or any kind of fear or insecurity issues are always bothering to native.


  • Relation with Mother – Not good relations with mother, careless about parents or mother suffering from health issues frequently.


  • Job & Career  –The native receives favor from the government or boss in administration, loses jobs by conspiracy and politics behind in any unfavourable dasha.


  • Growth & Recognition’s – The native flourishes in the foreign land and seeks attention and recognition. Self-centered, selfish native with not much inclination towards family. Not in good harmony with family members especially if Rahu further combust or afflicted.


  • Professional Life – The natives with Rahu in 4th House are much aggressive in their professional life. They impose their opinion on other & seldom listen to others opinion so they generally have strained relations with colleagues in office. 


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  • Partnership Business – Such native faces difficulty in partnership business & often end up in dispute with partners if other planetary combination for partnership business is not favorable in horoscope.


  • Decision Making – The native with Rahu in Fourth House can be very impulsive in decision making which may lead them to making many a unreasonable & wrong decisions which adversely affects the career selection of both boys and girls. Education may also affected due to bad poor decision making 


Above effects will be troublesome & malefic in nature for Aries Ascendant, Gemini Ascendant, Leo Ascendant, Libra Ascendant, Scorpio Ascendant, Capricorn Ascendant & Aquarius Ascendant males and females.


More benefic and positive results will be for Taurus Ascendant, Cancer Ascendant, Virgo Ascendant, Sagittarius Ascendant & Pisces Ascendant.


You can perform these Remedies for Malefic Rahu in 4th house to get relief from problems related with Rahu Dosha in Horoscope.



Important Conditions :


The results stated above of Rahu in fourth house should not be applied as it is because there are factors such as Sign in fourth House, aspect of planets, strengths etc. which can alter the impact and intensity of results but nevertheless, cannot change the intention which carries inherently.

We suggest, everyone should get their horoscope evaluated with competent astrologer to check the flaws and doshas etc. because there are many other points to ponder over and we have touched a general aspect because of length of article and writing. We are trying to create  to overview about this lengthy topic and will be delivering more on time to time.






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