Sun Sign Saga (Libra)

(15 Oct- 14 Nov)
Libra sun Sign
24 Aug 2017

Libra Sun Sign Saga – Characteristic of Person Born Between 15 Oct-14 Nov


Libra Sun Sign Saga : Sun passes over Libra during the period hence one born is influenced by Venus, the airy sign. Below is most pertinent and unveiled traits of Libra Sun Sign for this native.

Virgo Sun Sign Traits

  • Basic traits under this Sun Sign Libra,an amiable person, keen observer, lives more mentally than physically, loves amusement, parties and fond of pleasures. Weighing (profit loss) in nature, sees everything from this point of view.
  • Wants to live in a peaceful and harmonious environment.

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  • Native finds inclination towards writing, literatures, poems or in works where there is light labor is required.
  • Prone to Endocrine diseases and nervous troubles.
  • Friday is lucky day for the native.

Above characteristic are general in nature, gets strength as per planetary combinations & position in native’s birth horoscope

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