Importance of Water in Vastu

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water in vastu
23 Aug 2017

Importance of Water In Vastu & Astrology


Importance of Water in Vastu is very enormous. Moon represent water in Vastu Shastra. MOON is the basic planet which governs our mood, mind, psyche, thought process, sleep and many such. Water and milk are the substance which signifies Moon in our life.

Thus misuse of water in any form could hamper your mental peace slowly, silently but surely. If wastage is done at your house by family members simply MOON of vastu purush of home spoiled leading to mental instability of family members, mental imbalances, insomnia one or other kind of mental troubles.


Tips for Moon in Vastu 


  • Do get taps/pipeline of your house repaired as soon any leakage is detected should not let it continue even for an overnight. This is most important aspect of water in vastu shastra because it cause lot of damage on human body & soul.\




  • Fresh water wastage/continuous outflow from overhead tanks are most drastic. Stop as soon tank gets filled. It is our practical experience.
  • Water coming out of household filters should be collected in separate tank and use it for watering plants & trees to avoid pilferage.
  • Only use that much water which is actually required in bathroom/washing etc. unnecessary running/fresh water spoilage will cost you mentally for sure. Running water disturb mental peace & gives mental trauma if left unattended for long duration.
  • Always offer water to anyone comes to your home with some sweet/ sweet biscuits/jaggery etc.


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  • Try to put 5-6 Tulsi leaves/ Holy basil leaves in the Bottle/container where you store drinking water for family. But do not drain /dishonored this water as now it is energized water, only consume it and replace leaves after every  2-3  days .This will keep everyone energized and filled with positivity.



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