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23 Aug 2017

Worship Kuldevi and Kuldevta – Family God and Goddess

In our experience, we have come across with the fact that every family in our Indian scenario must be having a Kuldevi and Kuldevta (family God and Goddess) whether you are knowing them or not.


We have seen in the years of our practice that regularly praying to our kuldevi and Kuldevta (family God and Goddess) helps to wards off or mitigate many evils unknowingly from our family and life’s.


Those who don’t know who is their kuldevi and Kuldevta (family God and Goddess) they can simply pray them as by calling  dear” kuldevi and devta “ light a lamp offer your respect and bow down to them with all your  faith and devotions praying for your family and self .




If not possible all the times then atleast on auspicious days, festivals they must not be forgotten/ overlooked to worship.


Astrologically, it can be seen that if a person is cursed from past birth or not with several planetary configurations and their various consequences primarily, related to progeny or child birth in nowadays. So apart from other remedial measures, worshipping kuldevi and Kuldevta is also very essential and suggested.


As Kuldevi and Kuldevta are related our forefathers, so any mistake/overlook or ignorance to them may create unknown hindrance/obstacle in life.


So start praying and seek blessings of them for happy and prosperous life.







Namo Narayan

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