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Rahu in 2nd House
14 Oct 2017

12 Good & Bad Effects Of Rahu In 2nd House

According to vedic astrology, Rahu in 2nd House from lagna (ascendant) in birth chart or navamsa chart of  horoscope has both good and bad effects on both male and female of any ascendant (rising sign).


Results of Rahu in 2nd House


  • Position of Rahu in 2nd house in horoscope gives influx of money through unethical & unconventional sources and foreign connections, admired for money matters but poor in terms of family, influenced by the wicked.
  • As per Vedic scriptures, usually Rahu in 2nd house is not good for family life, here it creates destruction or separation in the family.
  • These man and woman with favorable rahu in second house will earn money a lot but will have to choose among family and money, If money then no family and vice versa.


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  • If Rahu in second house gets aspect from Mars or mangal or other strong malefics, then there will always have danger from weapons & ammunition’s.
  • The persons with such rahu position in horoscope will face lot of troubles in financial matters and are often fluctuating and uncertain to some extent in matter on money.
  • Man and woman with Rahu in 2nd house in horoscope will have pale and diseased face with jittery and irritable nature.
  • Native with afflicted rahu in second bhava in horoscope will have speech highly manipulative in nature uses abusing words, slangs amid conversation and a class liar if not benefic support but yet tendency will exist.
  • Another bad effects that individuals having rahu in the second house in horoscope will not be fortunate from mother side in any terms.
  • According to vedic texts, North Node (Rahu) here makes man and woman loves to eat and drink mostly non-vegeterian food etc.


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  • Second house Rahu makes individuals lustful and easy pleasure-seeking with influence of money to gratify senses tendency can’t be overlooked.
  • With Rahu in second house childhood of both male and female will not be promising and much private, mostly troublesome to some extent if other malefic combination persist.


Important Condition


The results stated above should not be applied as it is because there are factors such as Sign in First House, aspect of planets, strengths etc. which can alter the impact and intensity of results but nevertheless, cannot change the intention which carries inherently. Results of above Rahu position will be more visible during Mahadasha or Antardasha.


These are the general Remedies for Rahu in Second House  for problem caused during Rahu mahadasha and antardasha or transit. These remedies can be performed by males and females of all ascendants to get relief from adverse effects of Rahu.






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