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6 Sep 2017

Characteristics of Planet Jupiter in Vedic Astrology

As per Vedic Astrology, these are the basic roles characterized by Planet Jupiter in Horoscope, role and importance of Jupiter Planet (which is also known as Guru Graha) in male and female horoscope in sidereal astrology.


Characteristics of Planet Jupiter


  • Planet Jupiter is the Prime Minister of the Solar System. Jupiter is Brahmin by caste, Rasi Sign- horse with human head carrying bow in hands, two fishes facing opposite to each other. He is the protector and most wise, intelligent among all planets.
  • Jupiter is the natural Karaka of the children (progeny). Owner of the Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac, lords of 9th and 12th house in the horoscope.
  • Gender Male, Large bodied with honey coloured eyes and hair are natural signification of strong Jupiter in horoscope , learned in all shastras .Golden tawny in color. Sky (Ether), saatwick and phlegmatic in nature. Golden color clothes represent this planet.


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  • He has lordship over banks, treasure and financial houses, peepal tree, places of Brahmins -Gods.
  • It represents ‘Pre-winter’ (Hemant Ritu) in all seasons.
  • Represent Gold in metals, Yellow Sapphire in precious Gemstones, Topaz (Sunaila) in semiprecious gemstones
  • Jupiter planet denotes Guru, Mentors, Teachers, religious and spirituality learning, preachers, morality, laurels and fame are represented by this planet .
  • Planet Jupiter gets exalted in sign Cancer (0-5 degrees), debilitated in sign Capricorn (0-05 degrees), Mooltrikona is sign Sagittarius (0-10 degrees), own sign Sagittarius (10-30 degrees), Pisces (0-30 degrees).
  • Signifies important human body parts guru represents Liver, gall bladder, spleen, thighs, body fats, retention power, stomach, ears, blood artries and vessels, obesity in our body, sweet taste, Bengal gram (chana daal), turmeric, saffron are all Jupiter things.
  • In human health Guru represents digestive system diseases, social and moral conducts, guru has important role in vedic learnings, judiciary, judicial work, philosophy, religious places, management, long distance travel, law studies are subjects related and represented by Planet Jupiter.
  • Friends : Sun,Moon and Mars Planet
  • Enemy : Mercury and Venus Planet
  • Constellation/Nakshatra : Visakha,Poorvbhadra,Punarvasu
  • Avataar : Waamanavtaar (Ansh Avtaar)
  • Mars have forward and even aspect (agra sam drishti)
  • Lord of 9th and 12th house in kaalpurush’s kundali.
  • Movement : 05 to 15 minutes per day
  • Represents eatable fruit trees and plants.






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