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Moon Ketu Conjunction
1 Jan 2018

Effects of Moon Ketu Conjunction in Males & Females Horoscope

In vedic astrology, effects on males and females having Moon Ketu conjunction or Chandra Ketu Yuti in natal or navamsa chart of horoscope are not auspicious and unfavorable. However, many exceptional positive effects are seen in many scientists, researchers, scholar and celebrities with Moon and Ketu conjunction. The result of this  combination varies for all ascendants and based on specific house in horoscope where it is present.


Ketu planet is the soldier of the solar system. Ketu is a female sannyasin (lifelong celibate) who goes on begging, is a mixed caste planet. Ketu is headless, shadowy, smoky planet, having serpent body, called as dragon’s tail, south node, cauda etc. Ketu is not considered as a planet but as descending point of Moon and earth’s orbit intersection.

While planet Moon represent mother, emotions, mood, sleep, psychology, water, milk silver, sensitivity, travels etc. in vedic astrology.


We have consolidated general results of this Conjunction based on decades of our astrological research and practical experience.



Effects of Moon Ketu Conjunction



  • In general, person Moon conjunct Ketu will have a kind of complex mental status, negative feeling and mostly inferiority complex. This tendency is basically related to some kind of fear which is mostly not reflected to others but at times it can be easily noticed as the native feels distressed or humiliated in any particular matter of  life
  • Mostly it is seen that with Ketu Conjunct Moon native may not be having good mutual relation and their mother too suffer from health or kind of illness.
  • These man and woman will have dried emotions, introvert and has own imaginary world. Secludes himself socially, loves to be alone are some effects of Moon Ketu Conjunction.


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  • Peoples with Moon and ketu combination in horoscope  thinks very much aimlessly and generally takes wrong decisions.
  • Males and females with Moon and Ketu Conjunctions are most prone to have phobias, mental issues, many a times supernatural affliction if bad transit or malefic dasa is on.
  • The greatest drawback of this Moon Ketu conjunction is that in initial ages it may not be so intense but as the life progresses these tendencies becomes more obvious and high in magnitude.
  • This conjunction is favourable for scientist, researcher, scholar, celebrities etc looking career growth in field where intense mental work required. These native have tendency to think out of the box, deep analysis, fact finding, disciplined work provided Jupiter and mercury planet are in good dignity.


Surely, above mentioned tendencies regarding ketu moon conjunction should not depicted as exactly because other astrological factors, dasa, house (first, second, third etc), sign (cancer, leo, aries etc) and Jupiter’s and benefics, ashtakvarga points, navamsa etc. intervention have play pivotal role in prediction, though results intensity may vary but intention remains the same.


Remedies for Moon and Ketu Combination :


For problems faced due to this conjunction in horoscope during mahadasha and antardasha Ketu and Moon. You can perform these two remedies for Ketu Dosha  and  Chandra Dosha to get relief in all aspects of life








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