Aquarius Sun Sign Saga

(15 Feb-14 March)
Aquarius Sun Sign Saga
3 Sep 2017

Aquarius Sun Sign Saga: Characteristic of a Person Born Between 15th Feb-14th Mar

Aquarius Sun Sign Saga : Sun passes over Aquarius during this period hence one born is influenced by Saturn, a fixed airy sign. Below is most pertinent and unveiled traits of Aquarius Sun Sign for this native.

Aquarius Sun Sign Traits

  • Nature of person is very difficult to understand under Sun Sign Aquarius. Eloquent & charming in conversation, easily influences with various classes and makes friends and followers due to magnetic personality.
  • Socializing and artistic bent in nature are prominent. Craving for name and fame are inherent in character.
  • Powerful focus and concentration are marked features of the native.

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  • Technical and artistic, musical are areas where native finds natural inclination from profession point of view.
  • Prone to nervous troubles and circulatory system as the native lives more mentally than physically.
  • Friday and Saturday are lucky day for the native.

Above characteristic are general in nature for Aquarius Sun Sign, it gets strength as per planetary combinations & position in native’s birth horoscope

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