Results of 2017 Saturn Transit in Sagittarius & Jupiter Transit in Libra

Transit / Gochar
Saturn Transit in Sagittarius
6 Nov 2017

Peculiar Impact of Saturn Transit in Sagittarius 2017 on 12 Moon Signs

Impact of Saturn Transit in Sagittarius 2017 on 12 Moon Signs are summarized in this article. Saturn will remain in Sagittarius till January 2020 but transiting phenomenon of Saturn cannot be seen lonely yet will be effected and influenced significantly by Jupiter’s transit till October 2018. Then again when Jupiter enters to Scorpio results will be different and overall transit results will be changed.

It is being correctly and perfectly termed by an author that the Transits of Planets or Gochar are just a celestial delivery boy which delivers the results promised to the native during the undergoing dasha/mahadasha of any planet. As we have already written in the article Shani Sade Sati : 7 ½ Years of Saturnine Impact  and mentioned there the peculiarities related to it along with modus operandi of the planet Saturn.

Here in this article we would sum up results of different moon signs would receive as due to current transit of Saturn and Jupiter for different rashis /sign in 2017- 2018.

Here the readers should bear in mind that the transits of major planets must be clubbed and applied simultaneously along with the undergoing Dasha, position of Jupiter and Saturn in Natal Chart, Astakvarga, Bhinnastakvarga, Dispositor, Strength and Vedha System.

There are various practicing astrologers around the globe having different perspective of viewing this prospect of transit but we consider primarily moon sign ascendant and from there onwards finding the position of Saturn & Jupiter together for prediction.

Currently Saturn is transiting through sign Sagittarius till January 2020 and Jupiter till October 2018

Let us see, what are the promises this transit will bring for different Rashis  or Sign one by one.

  • Aries Sign or Aries Rashi


Saturn Passing 9th House – Sorrow, grief, loss in finance, obstacle in everything, trouble to father or equivalent figure, diseases, increase in enemy, trouble to wife and children.

Jupiter Passing 7th house – auspicious, favor and great joy with wife, gain of rank or position, success in all endeavor, nice meals, marriage ceremony, new business or partnership.

Peculiar Result  – Something significant to do with younger and elder siblings, gains and friendship, job transfer, problem in neck & throat areas, communication is possible, positive or negative it varies from individual’s horoscope to horoscope.

Overall Impact of Saturn Transit in Sagittarius – Mixed Result can be expected till Oct 2018

  • Taurus Sign or Taurus Sign 

Saturn Passing 8th HousePerson may face confinement or secluded to some place, prone to Conspiracy in Family, Office & Work Areas , loss of life & increase in Money Expenditure, secret attacks, accidents, failures in all endeavors, unstable life, disease attack, change of place.

Jupiter Passing 6th House – Troubles & increase in enemies, trouble from cousins and onset of diseases, increase in debts, life full of sorrow, frequent conflicts with family members , chances of theft, danger from fire.

Peculiar Result – Something significant in family, wealth, career, father will happen, problem related to eyes, loss of income, much expenditure.

Overall Impact of Saturn Transit in Sagittarius – Not favorable at all, remedies related to Jupiter and Saturn should have to be have sincerely to mitigate evil effects.

  • Gemini Sign or Gemini Rashi

Saturn Passing 7th House – Mental agitation, loss of wealth, foreign residence or change of place, danger to spouse, problems in business or partnership, danger in voyages, sufferings.

Jupiter Passing 5th House – Happiness, birth of children, time of marriage for unmarried, great exhilarations, unexpected gains, luxuries, good family bonding, gain of position.

Peculiar Results – Something to do with health, physical body, job, spouse will happen for sure. 

Overall Impact of Saturn Transit in Sagittarius – Mixed Results can be predicted

  • Cancer Sign or Cancer Rashi                

Saturn Passing 6th House – Freed from enemies and diseases, victory, happiness, increase in wealth, time to build own house, support from family and woman.

Jupiter Passing 4th House – loss of mental peace, humiliations, trouble to mother, loss of wealth, increase of enemies, unrest in families and quarrels, residence away from motherland.

Peculiar Results – Sudden Hospitalizations may occur, transformations, increase in debts, increase in enemies, unexpected loss, increase in money expenditures & trouble to spouse or disease to him/her.

Overall Impact of Saturn Transit in Sagittarius – Mixed and Average Results  

  • Leo Sign or Leo Rashi

Saturn Passing 5th House – Problems to and with children, agitated and confused mind, wealth will decline, separations, quarrels.

Jupiter Passing 3rd House – Problems in job or business especially to those who are self-employed, hurdles, disputes in family, pain in body, change of place or residence, transfer in job

Peculiar Results – Something to do with spouse, partnership, business, rank, position, hands of child, elder sibling and problem in internal reproductive organs will happen

Overall Result – Not favorable and struggling time to the native

  • Virgo Sign or Virgo Rashi

Saturn Passing 4th House – Separation or loss of spouse and wealth, disturbed relations unjust and unhappy feelings, ever suspecting evil in everything, increase in enemies

Jupiter Passing 2nd House – Growth in family, inclusion of new member in family, increase in income & source of earning will increase, overall happiness, name, fame, charity

Peculiar Results – Something related disease, enemies, debts, career, father, mother in law, reputation will happen.

Overall Impact of Saturn Transit in Sagittarius – Mixed result and enjoyment of both positive as well as negative.

  • Libra Sign or Libra Rashi

Saturn Passing 3rd House – Increase in income, gets new job or start new venture, gain of wealth, accumulation of luxuries, becomes influential and powerful, happy, disease free, foe less

Jupiter Passing 1st House – Heavy expenditures , problems in jobs and business, transfer in job, change of workplace, bodily sufferings, quarrels with family member & colleagues at workplace, trouble from government, mental agitation

Peculiar Results – Something related with children, education, father, luck, Religion, Pilgrimage will happen.

Overall Impact of Saturn Transit in Sagittarius – Mixed results, more tending towards Positive in terms of transit can be seen.

  • Scorpio Sign or Scorpio Rashi

Saturn Passing 2nd House – great loss of wealth, financial setbacks, disputes in family, unwanted troubles, diseases

Jupiter Passing 12th House- Grief and fear caused through property, poverty, miseries, betrayal from knowns, foreign residence, legal disputes and losses, increased expenses

Peculiar Results – Something particular related to mother, property, sleep, vehicles, scandalous development, something secret conspiracy will happen.

Overall Impact of Saturn Transit in Sagittarius – Not good, period of caution and being cautious about self and family

  • Sagittarius Sign or Sagittarius Rashi

Saturn Passing 1st House – wrong decisions, danger from poison, fire, confinement, imprisonment, downfall, miseries, staying away from homeland, loss of wealth & health, accidents, physical troubles, performance funeral rites.

Jupiter Passing 11th House – Acquisition of position or rank, wealth and property, increased prosperity & gains, favor to elder siblings, enemy defeated

Peculiar Results – Something to do specifically with younger siblings, job, business, valor, and also with spouse and partnership will happen

Overall Impact of Saturn Transit in Sagittarius – Mixed results can be expected

  • Capricorn Sign or Capricorn Rashi

Saturn Passing 12th House – Mental trauma or agitation, loss of peace and wealth, disputes, travel to foreign lands, danger from robbers and enemies, troubles to Spouse and son

Jupiter Passing 10th House – Loss of property, position and children, miseries, misunderstanding or disputes with loved ones, lethargic, wanderer, change of residence or place

Peculiar Results – something substantial in family, related to source of income, debts, spouse, disease to self and enemies will happen

Overall Impact of Saturn Transit in Sagittarius – Be careful Bad Transit and unfavorable to capricornians

  • Aquarius Sign or Aquarius Rashi

Saturn Passing 11th House – Very auspicious, gain of wealth and women, free from diseases, gain in rank or position

Jupiter Passing 9th House – Success in Works Undertaken, increase in wealth and gains, property, Marriage may happen, gains from child and much happiness

Peculiar Results – Something to do with physical body, health, personality will happen moreover, some unexpected gains very likely, something related to child, students pursuing for higher education may get success will happen certainly

Overall Impact of Saturn Transit in Sagittarius – Very Auspicious time for the Aquarius Moon sign natives.

  • Pisces Sign or Pisces Rashi

Saturn Passing 10th House – Mental instability, loss of job or career setbacks, native commits sinful acts, loss of honor, diseased, heart trouble

Jupiter Passing 8th House – Sorrow, grief, trouble in property, scandals, conspiracy, secret matters, confinement to a place, theft, danger from ruler, loss of position or rank

Peculiar Results – Sudden hospitalization or loss of health may occur, heavy expenditure or losses,something to do with mother,spouse, property, vehicle, luxuries will happen

Overall Impact of Saturn Transit in Sagittarius – Transitory conditions are not favorable till October 2018, situation may improve afterwards.

Words of Wisdom for Saturn Transit in Sagittarius

We have used the ‘something’ in peculiar results for each sign because positive or negative related to it will depend on individual’s horoscope and it cannot be particular as, we have already said that the fructification of results of transits depends on other important factors too.

Our Sincere advise to all reader that please do not jump to conclusion directly by merely seeing the Moon Sign, instead, analyze by blending all above said along with results mentioned along with each and every sign where Moon is placed in the natal chart. How much, what, what intensity and when all can be considered after analyzing individual’s horoscope and thereby results thus vary accordingly.

Namo Narayan

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