Matrimonial Problems
25 Aug 2017

Marital Disharmony Leo Ascendant

Marital Disharmony Leo Ascendant – The person born with Leo Ascendant or (Simha Lagna) will be having spouse/partner with mostly opposite in thinking and opinion.

The thought process will be not matching to frequency of their spouse, leading to difference of opinion and aggression at large. Many a times it is seen that even to reach at single opine on trivialities is difficult and clashes occur which are irrelevant.

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They most of the times need a mediator to resolve their issues and conflicts.

If strong affliction to marriage related areas in horoscope is present, then long term separations, marital disharmony is unavoidable for them.Only Jupiter provides relief to them.

Thus the native should essentially check spouse compatibility before entering into wedlock with learned astrologer.

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