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Rahu in Leo
30 Jun 2018

Practical Results of Rahu in Leo Sign or Simha Rashi

As per Vedic Astrology, Rahu in Leo or Simha sign in horoscope of male and female is considered  to give mixed results which are as tabulated below.

Results of Rahu in Leo Sign

  • Leo being sign of fiery category owned by the Sun, thus Rahu in Leo as is inimical sign is not considered so good yet awards both males and females with some special qualities. Leo is natural 5th house of kaalpurush and Sun being planet of authority, Government, Ego, self-interest, independent spirit, politics & leadership, ambitions etc. Thus, during dasha of Rahu’s manipulative and illusive energy can cause from authorities or government, causes anxiety and tensions.
  • If the Sun is not well placed in horoscope and Rahu in Leo sign is polluted. Here Rahu will tend both male and females to behave against law or authorities which can land him/her in legalities, disputes etc.

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  • Rahu in Leo makes the person self-centered and self-absorbed, native will keep himself foremost and will act swiftly if sees anything is going benefit him or her, yet the person will be self-made and of evolved soul who quite a lot explored himself and this Rahu gives something different in terms of ability, capability by which they are into unorthodox or unusual professions.
  • Rahu in Leo rashi  gives craving for name, fame, social recognition etc. Native may be shy from inside, Leo being natural 5th of creativity, philosophy, astrologers, cinema, arts etc. hence Rahu here multiplies the tendency and capacity and also can put native in the profession of creativity. But it again depends on strength of Sun and placement of Sun, connection with 10th house as well.
  • There are strong chances that native is been cheated or encounter fraud by the unknowns or foreigner or by any outcaste fellows which can even bring confinement or imprisonment to the native in due course of dasha if not supported by benefics.

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  • Sun being king and administrator, Rahu being deceptor, does unwell here and thus government or authoritative sources along with political persons may trouble both man and woman in context of offences, misappropriations done by the native in relation to them.
  • Rahu in Leo also seen to bring troubles to children of the native if 5th house and Lord are not strong enough. Many times, it is seen that native carries unusual ambitions and desires and for fulfilling that indulges self into situations of troubles.
  • Ego of the native will be sometimes unwanted and unnecessary over trivialities, personality will be bright and strong. They do possess good knowledge and exploring capacity in the field of their interest and profession, they emerge to be good in discussion and debates. Placement and condition of Sun is of much importance, debility or ill-placement leads Rahu to take charge and drifts Sun’s energy for bad cause.

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Words of Wisdom for Rahu in Leo

The results stated above should not be applied bluntly because there are other factors such as house, conjunction, aspect of planets, strengths etc. which can alter the impact and intensity of results but nevertheless, cannot change the intention which is carried inherently by sitting planet in a particular zodiac sign.




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