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Rahu in 9th House
18 Oct 2017

Effects of Rahu in 9th House in Horoscope

According to Vedic Astrology, Rahu in 9th House from lagna (ascendant)  or navamsa in Horoscope gives mixed results for both male and female. Ninth house Rahu impact on father, religion, higher education, long travel, rituals, career etc. can be read in this article.


Effects of Rahu in 9th House


  • The position of Rahu in 9th house is not considered good, although blesses native with keen intellect, makes them cultured and humane, scholarly and possessing different believes about religions and gods.
  • According to Indian astrology, man and woman having Rahu in ninth house follows their own style and lifestyle followed by peculiar liking and disliking whether good or bad, the native will be stringent and will not be compromising easily on it.

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  • Generally, persons with North node or Rahu in 9th house will hate his father or dislike his activities and himself not comfortable with father. If they both live separately then only can grow in life otherwise miseries, conflicts and opinion differences will mar their mutual affection and love for each other.
  • As per vedic science, these native may not be called lucky only luck will start favoring after 40 yrs. of age, luck and growth both favor the native in the foreign lands.
  • These males and females will always be searching for truth, wisdom and above all luck, asks  what, when ,how about it.


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  • Person with rahu in ninth house in natal or navamsa chart will become wealthy and famous and revered for generosity, merits and virtues.
  • 9th House Rahu or north Node individuals will have clear image in society and they travels a lot.
  • Having Rahu in 9th house in horoscope these boys & girls may perform well in Jobs / Career involving PR, Marketing, Sales, Advertising,  Market Research Analyst etc if 10th house & its lord suitably placed.
  • Life partner or spouse of man & woman with Rahu in the 9th house of horoscope will be dominant. In case of males, nagging wife possibility, sooner the native will become puppet in the hands of the wife, uncharitable, will have loose morals.
  • These individuals more likely to abandon his established culture/customs/rituals they were born into and have preference over foreign/alien traditions/religions/culture.


These simple Rahu Remedies  can be performed to reduce adverse effects caused by ninth house rahu during its dasha or adverse transit, these remedies works wonder if done sincerely.






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