Peculiar transit Results Of Year 2021

Transit Results 2021
Peculiar Results of 2021 For All Signs
13 Sep 2020

Peculiar Transit Results Of Year 2021 For All Signs

Peculiar transit results of 2021 for all signs  Moon sign /Ascendants during the year 2021

As this is the period when all the major transits have taken place Such as Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu-Ketu etc. Saturn and Jupiter will be conjunct in Capricorn and Rahu-Ketu in Taurus-Scorpio etc. Thus overall, there will be some positive results which we tried to point  for a native born with sign rising/ Moon sign may experience. Readers should consider the results from whichever is strongest among Ascendant and Moon.

As written results are general results and hence will vary with individual to individual’s horoscope. Individual’s dasha, strength of planet, astakvarga points, etc. certainly will change the results but a general trend  can be felt however if not the exact result but significant events in the mentioned area can be seen.


For Aries, peculiar transit results of year 2021,  you will be likely to having positive growth in the career, promotion, authority, gain of new job, position etc. also you will be recognized for your efforts, even who are working for accolades, awards etc. they may be successful during this time . This period will be memorable from the career point of view. Those who wish to purchase new property/flat, vehicle, landed property they will be successful in them in endeavors. Business person will feel good, business growing new opportunities tingling etc. Students will pass and score good in secondary exams, happiness and peace will prevail in the heart. The spouse’ s these natives will also having growth and positive career moves during this time. Monetary gains to younger siblings will be seen during time.


During this time , peculiar transit results of year 2021, Taurus natives will be having more of the religious or the spiritual journey or atleast mind will be thinking/dwelling over it, there will be religious sacrament, charity, spiritual activity happening in the house, marriage, havan etc will be there. Many can even have foreign journeys and more of the journeys/travels during this time which will include both short distance and long distance both, those who are searching for the mentor/guru or good advisor they will be able get one, others will be able to serve gurus and get guru updesha (blessing or guru). Many can even have change of place, philosophical inclination will increase and mind will be more of righteous and dharmic. There will be cultivation of new hobbies or even writing skills will be polished or even can start writing, muscular strength of the body will improve also communication will increase, skills of hands will improve. Younger siblings can have good time and doing good in their life, marriage of them can happen. Valor and patience both will increase.


For Gemini, peculiar transit results of year 2021,  natives  can experience enhanced interest in occult sciences, tantra mantra etc., gains from in-laws is likely to happen, if these  guys are having any prolonged health issue, surgery then it will be treated successfully. There can be sudden travel to foreign land and even gain of property from paternal or in-law side. Nonetheless, this period can give some disrespect, blames or can involve in any kind of scandals , traps etc. as well, likely that these natives will be more interested or get work wherein search -research will be needed . These natives even can invent or can create something innovative in their respective field of interest. There will be increase in deposited money, family size may increase due to marriage or birth of child. There will be inclination towards eating palatable dishes and improving voice and accent.


Peculiar results of year 2021 for these natives  that they will be having good times in terms of marital life , unmarried fellows may get married if dasha support also exist in the individuals horoscope. Those who are into business they will be doing good in their ventures and may have more of the partnerships coming in the line during this period. There can be many who will be having change of place or foreign visits during this time, enemies will be suppressed or demolished, victories , likely to have more of foreign connections and alliances , commercial activities will be on rise. There will be more recognition or fame than before, also if some is in job then they can get good job as well. There will be change in outlook and personality or atleast will be thinking over it.


For Leo natives ,peculiar transit results of year 2021, this period will be  mixed in nature and likely that they will be more inclined towards yoga, meditation and higher learning, spending more even out of capacity sometimes, good sleep can be having during this time. They will be more inclined towards charity and searching opportunities to go abroad. Spiritual seeker will be getting success in finding spiritual dwelling, ashram etc. Those who wish to go abroad they can find good ways or opportunity to travel. Any prevailing health issue will be sorted out successfully or with less troubled, enemies will be under control and win over them also likely to occur. The students who are preparing for the competitive examination they will be hearing good news , debts will be reduced than before.


Virgo people, peculiar transit results of year 2021,they will be having good time during this phase if they have good dasha running and other support present then during this time they will be enjoying expected and unexpected monetary gains, wish fulfillment, growth in income , those who are expecting to have baby they can even plan or have child birth  during this time. Natives with Virgo sign can even get a good post or promotion, respect, laurels and fames as well. This period is capable to bring marriage to love birds or people wanting to get married  or atleast can attract relationship. Students can have success in their endeavors with less efforts . The elder brothers of the Virgo natives can do good. Also this period can brng gains from masses or public. Stomach related issues will be easing and creativity will flourish with intention to learn more skills and polish the old ones. Those who  are into speculation business they can do better . Single native may find a love relationship or partner. Spiritual seekers can do deeper into sadhnas.


Libra people can have good career and growth during the mentioned time period , career will flourish, expansion in role responsibilities will be experienced, even a good chance to have change in job or switch to good opportunity will be probably seen during this time, businessmen will experience growth in business or will get opportunity to expand business. These people will enjoy more authorities in life than before. There will be more uprising fame and respect during this phase. Work in hand will be accomplished and likely to have support from superiors and authorities. There can be sale and purchase of property during this time or there will be renovation or change in interior of the house, sale or purchase new vehicle is likely to happen. Good relation with mother, internal peace will be felt. Student in secondary education will be doing good during this time.


Scorpio sign natives will be  having more of the short distance journeys, more short distance travels, there can be marriage of the younger siblings happening in the family. Native will turn out to be more valorous and likely that he/she will hobbies or extracurricular activities more seriously and will try to enhance them, they can expect good relation with the neighbors. Those who are into  mass comm, writing , correspondence , agents, brokers, sales marketing etc. they will be highly likely to be benefitted or Scorpio natives will inclination towards these traits . There will be spiritual, dharmic activities happening during this time also if any distribution of property to happen then it will happen smoothly. Change of place or residence or office  can happen. Philosophical knowledge will increase and inclination towards good deeds, principle will increase.


These natives will be having good time from point view of wealth and deposited money , likely that they will have gain of money, money from property paternal/maternal side. Speech will become positive and will be having someone getting married in family to add number but if the native with Sagittarius rising is looking for marriage and supportive dasha too is running then wedding ring even can  buzz for them. Banking, import export, finance industry people will be doing good during this year. Those who are in to insurance industry they will be  doing good however some sudden events can happen in life, there can be success to people who are into search research and also exploratory side of profession. These native may even can experience some gain of unexpected or sudden wealth but be very careful of any scandalous activity and back biting as well.


This Period of 1 year for the Capricorn native is going to give opportunity for the business alliance, partnership alliance, public dealing and will be ample space to get married if wish to undergo. Destruction of enemies/opposition can  take place. Even those who are searching for the good job they may be successful to get one. Also Capricorn natives can enjoy gain of position, rank in their respective field if they are in que to get. There can also be change of place and connection of foreign either via work, travel etc. Busines person can have good business treaty and connection for growth. Natives personality will be recognized in the society   and hence they will be more concerned about appearance and grace. If other factors too support in the horoscope of the individual then  this period will be good and transformative from personality point of view.


During this period of almost a year native natives who are finding some issues while getting to sleep , breaks in sleep they may be experience some relief, mind will find rest. Good year for those who are looking to go abroad and get settled there or even who are expecting foreign travel during this year. These native with  Aquarius sign rising/moon sign can have success in sadhna , spiritual practices, meditation, yoga and higher learning. There can be instances when native have to get hospitatlised and deal with disease but will be cured . Those who are into any sort of litigation or dispute they may find some relief or even win. Those who are into service industry or in job will be having good time and can even be promoted or find some  more suitable job.


These natives will be having good time for child birth or their child may be doing good in life bring name, accolades to them. Children of these natives will be source of happiness and appreciation. During this time native will be getting results out the past deeds done in past previous lifes. This time period can bring love and affection to the people also during this time one can enter into any romantic relationship. Those are into higher secondary, bachelors education they will be doing good . Nonetheless period can even prove to be good for people who are into speculations and likely that unexpected gain or expected gains may follow them, friends circle/social circle is likely to increase. Gains from public is also likely to happen. Spiritual person will find success in mantra, sadhana and positivity in mind. There creative faculty will bloom and new thoughts will trigger mind. Good time for those who are looking ahead for child birth. Theater artists, sports persons will be doing good. Good relation will elder siblings can be experienced, incoming of money will be improved and likely that their work will be recognized. If individual is having dasha etc. related to marriage houses then even they can get married if planning to do so.






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