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Eighth House
Ketu in 8th House
18 Feb 2018

Effects of Ketu in 8th House In Horoscope

As per Vedic Astrology, general effects on male and female due to placement of south node Ketu in 8th House from lagna (ascendant) in birth chart or navamsa chart in Horoscope of all ascendant. Eighth bhava Ketu in kundali ahve effects on person death, long life, marriage life, health, career, sudden gain and loss, wealth, mystery etc. Effects of Ketu in eighth house varies depending upon strength, planets aspects and current dasha viz. exalted, debilitated, benefic aspects, malefic aspects, mahadasha and antardasha 


Results of Ketu in 8th House


Ketu in 8th house having mixed impact on the native, on the negative side it makes the native little senseless and unclear, dull in expression. It usually gives sanguine complexion.


Career – The native with Ketu in eighth house will be of good character, good at sports and can take it as career, dedicated to his job, brave and industrious.


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Business & Money – Native having ketu in eighth house always possess difficulty in refund of the money given to someone by the native as loan, if does business.


Male and female with Ketu in 8th house is most prone to have injury or issues in left leg later in life. Also has danger of falling from height and similar accidents. Individual teeth and face may have issues in later or after 40 yrs. of age.


In our experience we have seen people with Ketu in 8th house is having some kind deep fear from inside. This fear they do not reveal to anyone and always frightened to confront it. Although with their behavior people will come to know about their fear.


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As per Vedic Astrology, both male and female prone to suffer largely from excretory diseases such as piles, fistula etc if Ketu is weak or debilitated or aspected by malefics in eighth house. In worst cases heavy affliction due to malefic planet gives incurable or chronic bodily or mental ailment. If savior Jupiter is present or aspects eighth house then relief in suffering. Also, if aspected by benefic especially more than one gives wealth and long life.


In Vedic Astrology ancient text, Ketu in 8th house also makes the person acquaint hidden secrets of life and less known subjects which common people may not aware of.


Words of Wisdom for Ketu Results


Above mentioned effects of Ketu in eighth house are general common points which are basic traits of Planet occupying a particular house. Hence, it should not be applied bluntly and blindly merely seeing the sign & planet occupying the house.


Person should get their horoscope evaluated with competent astrologer to check for actual results of ketu in the eighth bhava and assciated flaws and doshas etc. Because there are many other points to ponder over before giving any prediction Here, we have touched a general aspect because of length of article and writing. We are trying to create  to overview about this lengthy topic and will be delivering more on time to time.






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