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10 Sep 2017

Brahmasthan or Center Point /Place : Most Overlooked Vastu Open Secret


 Brahmasthan is a central zone, point or place of the geographical area of the plot/area which is to be used for any purpose such as residence, factory, commercial purpose, office etc.  Technically, a Brahmasthan is a principle of Vedic architecture and community planning that designates the center point of a building or geographical area. Vedic architecture is based on Vastu Shastra , roots can be traced in the scripture called Brihadsanghita. It is a place where all directions meet and hence becomes most sacred and powerful area .From here only all positive vibes/energy flows and spreads across nuke and corner of home or area under consideration, which in turn influence the earth energies present in the house and the Panchtattva in the correct Vastu directions and zones, which is utmost essential and necessary to have peaceful, wealthy, and blissful relationship among the members residing there.

Profoundly, we dwell on relations among members, newly married couples, or a new member joins in your house. As peace, prosperity, health could only prevail and comes as consequence where dwellers have perfect bonding, mutual consensus and love for each other.

This area is calculated by various methods, targeting to get the center of the space by and large precisely.   Just by opting any one from below :

  • Dividing the plot in eight directions and the middle part of plot should be considered as Brahmasthan.
  • Selecting four squares at the center of space/plot which comes after dividing the plot into 8 equal parts from East to West and North to South. Thus the plot is divided into 64 equal parts, are the place of Brahmasthan.
  • The 9 squares at the center of plot are known as the Brahmasthan after dividing the plot into 9 equal parts from East to West and North to South. Thus the plot is divided into 81 equal parts.

What to do of brahmasthan:-

  • It should have to be kept clear and open , cleaning washing regularly,without any kind of construction over the area creating obstruction, hurdle and confinement and free from factors of negative energies .
  • This area should be used for meditation as abundance of positive energy available there, worship, pooja, sacred rituals etc. can be done.
  • This is to borne in mind that Brahmasthan should be vacant and no significant movement over there should be done.
  • For small homes/flats center of plot should be vacant and clear to the possible extent, clean it daily, fragrant the space and light that area with lamps avoid darkness. Do not keep any furniture, dining table, center table etc. at all in center of the space/living area.

What not to do at Brahmasthan:-

  • Toilets, Bathroom, Washbasins, Kitchen, Septic tanks, Store room must be avoided at any cost.
  • Stairs, beams, walls, arches etc. meaning any kind of heavy structure passing through that area is strictly not permitted.
  • Sleeping, putting garbage bin is prohibited
  • Any kind of well, boring, pump installation etc. is restricted

What if, Neglected:-

Kitchen, toilets, washbasins etc. there may cause health related issues in members. Store rooms, Staircases, any civil construction, boring, wells leading to financial and mental turmoil with misunderstandings and conflicts among members. In places of heavy afflictions it could leads to disputes, litigation and stagnant growth, unwanted expenditures, unforeseen losses leading to miseries for both commercial and living spaces.

Our Experience:-

In our study and observation, we have seen homes looking pretty good from outside but struggling a lot from inside. People have big houses having all kinds of luxuries with just 3-4 members but nobody is there to enjoy, meaning they all are earning well  but not able to stay together  at home, if somehow they muster or gather there all along then immediately any disagreement or conflict arises letting them depart from there. And whosoever is staying suffering from undiagnosable diseases or mental trauma.

Even putting slight heavy object like dining table or if door of toilet/bathroom opening in Brahmasthan creating one or other problem from subtle to substantial level.

Thus, any factor can be hampered, many a times not necessarily influx of money but heavy relational and health crisis could arise of this defect.

Ancient Evidence: –

Being an ancient structural construction Vedic clause, we could easily find in any ancient or primitive construction that there was always a courtyard, garden  in the center of the whole plot/geography with open sky and  no obstruction ,construction at all in the center. Holy Basil (Tulsi plant) could only be found in many places in the center of the whole space.


Refraining is the best remedy found working, if slight imbalance that can checked with prudent modification then it must be done  with permanent changes rather than searching for any temporal mental appeasement. Astrovastu relevance is yet to figure out in this pertinent area.

Note :The above narration is similarly applicable for the business and commercial places too.


Namo Narayan

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