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leo 2018 horoscope
8 Jan 2018

Leo 2018 Horoscope Predictions

                                SIMHA RASI 2018 PREDICTIONS                                           

As the new year is on the door, Person with Leo Moon Sign enthralled to know what are the Leo 2018 Horoscope or Simha Rashi 2018 prediction is beholding for them. What opportunities, what embellishments, challenges, transformations and makeover this upcoming year 2018 is going to bring for us? Everyone us is eagerly looking forward to know the answers of many such questions arising in their mind. We will try throw light on the possibilities for the natives of each moon sign through the transit of major planets taking place in this year.

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Though these Leo 2018 Horoscope prediction are generalized and made for all the nativities falling under the specific Moon sign. Readers must always bear in mind that these predictions are common to all and may vary on the basis of other peculiarities such as prevailing dasha, permutation combination which an individual’s horoscope possess. But it is very sure that the pointed areas will be receiving favors or adversities, intensity may be varying depending upon individual’s horoscope.

Transit of major planets for Leo 2018 Horoscope will be as below:

  • Saturn will remain in Sagittarius all along 2018
  • Jupiter will be in libra till 11th October ’18 then it will move to Scorpio sign
  • Rahu and Ketu will remain in Cancer and Capricorn sign respectively throughout 2018
  • Mars will enter into Scorpio 17th January’18 and then subsequently changes almost every 2months ending into Pisces.
  • Sun will enter into Capricorn on Makar Sankranti day then with movement of almost 1 month ends up by entering to Sagittarius.

Similarly, other planets will be having their respective movement accordingly.

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In Leo 2018 Horoscope, first half of January may carry some mental & emotional unrest because of Saturn-Sun conjunction in the 5th house but as the year progresses health will bloom like a Sun and makes the leo Moon sign natives getting rid of all diseases prevailing or it certainly show them the path of mental and physical wellbeing by directing them towards such source happiness. From Beginning of march till April end again the conjunction of Saturn-Mars will surely bring unwarranted worries, fever etc. and anguish from children side.  It is suggested to the Leo people that they should sincerely worship Lord Hanuman to gain strength to fight any adversity coming before them. This period may be impacting native emotional wellbeing. After this period May onwards till almost November be find native in good of physical health, frees from worries and enemies. During mid-August till mid-September there can be chances of attack of disease causing physical pain, fatigue, weakness etc. Apart from these patches of duration rest of time in whole year Leo people will stay hale and hearty will sound health. Overall this year is good as compare to other Moon sign people.


In Leo 2018 Horoscope, from spouse and conjugal life prospects for the married couples, this year will be so memorable & blissful as no major planet transit is afflicting this area.  This year will nice, intact with love and affection between the partners except few patches of months rest this year will strengthen the bond between the married couple, will fortify mutual understanding and respect.  During the month of February and in the month of November-December there can be chances of clashes or quarrels over trivialities, misunderstanding, hot arguments over anything may take place. During this period Goddess Durga worship can help a lot. Rest of the year will bring joy and happiness in the matrimonial relation.

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In this year, as presence of Major planets in houses of concern may not allow Leo Moon sign love birds to enter any kind of new relation or love affair and it is suggested that they should at least avoid such situation till May otherwise it can prove disheartening and tragic as well. Post May also native may be so emotionally ready so enter into relation inspite of pressure from other side, thus chances are very bleak.

Growth, promotions in terms of career/ profession to the spouse of Leo Moon Sign people is predicted during the period between mid-November to mid-December.

Nubile or ready for wedlock persons will be having ample of opportunities, support and favor this year and positive settlement with Win -Win type condition can be seen this year.  Although as told, it depends lot on other factors such as running dasa, 7th house condition of individual’s horoscope yet transit is in support.


This year 2018 for the Leo Moon sign people from wealth/finance prospective will have mixed impact as in the first half of the year i.e. till June nothing much can be expected but in second half of the year things will improve slowly .It is advisable to the native born in Leo Moon sign that they should summarily refrain from indulging in lottery, share etc. where speculation is needed and easy money making kinda things happen because Saturn, planet of karma & righteousness  is passing through 5th house of speculative gains  will definitely interrupt  thus, only believe and prefer to act lawfully in karmas to receive gains and rewards .During mid-January till March stay away from any kind of deal in property and fixed assets as can prove to be drastic.

During June-July  period some good in terms of gains in wealth, dignity can be expected and from here onwards things will start improving , debts will be finished, control over unwanted expenditures can be felt. Months of October-November will bring happiness with influx of money and material gains. This period will also fetch business men or who wants to start their own enterprise with new prospects, new idea, and new position as well. Worshipping lord Saturn throughout year will be very helpful and provide safeguard from many evils.

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In Leo 2018 Horoscope, Major Transit of Jupiter taking place 3rd house till October of this year and Saturn in 5th house may create hurdles and obstruction to the Leo born native in promotions, businesses as well. Those who are willing to start their venture or working fellows who want to become self employed may have to face challenges or even they may think that they have taken wrong decision but after September things will start falling in its place. During March-May there can be strong chances to have change in place or transfer on account of job/service, sudden development or hidden matters may pop up during this period, so be aware and attentive to face challenges.

After May things will improve slowly and during period May-July and October-November something positive can be expected in terms of career, promotions, salary hike etc. improved business relations, gains and will also bring favors from government, authorities, superiors though challenges, sacrifices will be involved there in lieu of gains. Government job aspirant may have significant this period. This period can also fetch new opportunities for the jobless fellows as well. Duration between Mid-November till December there will be growth in the career /profession of the Leo moon sign spouses as well. Overall this year will be mixed in terms of career/profession, opportunities accompanied with sacrifice will be there.

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In terms of domestic happiness and children prospective this year can be predicted as challenging as the transit of Saturn is already occurring in the fifth house of children all along this year. During the period from mid-January till March beginning there can be strong chances of conflicts or disputes with siblings and sorrow them if the individual is too running under bad dasha, loss of peace of mind, if anyone is having property dispute then this period will be certainly troubling, due care need to be taken in terms of vehicle and driving. During March-April children of the Leo Moon sign people may face adversities in terms of health or any kind of development which will lead to trouble, strife etc. also when the retrogression of Mars will start later in mid of year.  Mid- February till mid-march & November-December can bring ego clashes, conflicts and health issues to spouse. September-October can invite family quarrels, misunderstanding leading towards unhappiness among members. Overall this year may not go well the Leo born natives, Worship Lord Hanuman & lord Saturn, chanting mantras, daan can only help the native.


The period March-April till first week of May Leo Moon sign native will experience something specific and significant related to elder sibling, Gains through job or business, left shoulder & ear, children, name fame, promotion in job will happen for sure.  Good or bad will depend on individual’s horoscope but fields where things will happen is marked thereby. These will be the areas which be receiving some or other kind of impact surely but favorable or adverse that is totally dependent on individual’s chart.




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