General Health Report

General Health Report detailed out what influence will the heavenly bodies have on the health of an individual, what diseases will one be prone to? What are the causes of various disease that one contracts? What are the precautions one needs to take in matters of their health? Which part of their body is more prone to illness? If you contract any disease how long will it last? Possible outcome of the disease, possible and effective remedies for the disease, precautions to be taken to make sure that you do not contract the disease again, etc. Thus health astrology provides us with deep insights about our health and helps us take proper steps to stay healthy and fit. This will in turn help us lead a happy and prosperous life.

Report contains

1 Health Report for 2 Years

2 Your Detailed health horoscope

3 Probable major health issues

4 Chances of accidents & injuries

5 Mahadasha & Antardasha Reports

6 Suitable Gemstone

7 Vedic remedies like puja/yantra/daan/mantra

Progeny/ Child Issues

Issues related with child birth, child prospects, delayed child birth, health of children analyzed in details as per planetary positions, transits etc.

Specific Health Issue’s

Specific Health issues cover existing problems where individual is suffering from particular disease, met accidents,success of surgeries & operations or any other specific health issue.

Report contains

1 Solution for the problem

2 Gemstone Recommendation

3 Likely Duration of the problem

4 Do’s & Don’ts

5 Mahadasha & Antardasha Reports upto 1 year

6 Vedic remedies like puja/yantra/daan/mantra