Cancer 2018 Horoscope Prediction

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Cancer 2018 horoscope predictions
7 Jan 2018

Cancer 2018 Horoscope Predictions


As the new year is on the door, Person with Gemini Moon Sign enthralled to know what are the Cancer 2018 Horoscope or Karka Rashi 2018 prediction is beholding for them. What opportunities, what embellishments, challenges, transformations and makeover this upcoming year 2018 is going to bring for us? Everyone us is eagerly looking forward to know the answers of many such questions arising in their mind. We will try throw light on the possibilities for the natives of each moon sign through the transit of major planets taking place in this year.

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Though these Cancer 2018 Horoscope prediction are generalized and made for all the nativities falling under the specific Moon sign. Readers must always bear in mind that these predictions are common to all and may vary on the basis of other peculiarities such as prevailing dasha, permutation combination which an individual’s horoscope possess. But it is very sure that the pointed areas will be receiving favors or adversities, intensity may be varying depending upon individual’s horoscope.

Transit of major planets for Cancer 2018 Horoscope will be as below:

  • Saturn will remain in Sagittarius all along 2018
  • Jupiter will be in libra till 11th October ’18 then it will move to Scorpio sign
  • Rahu and Ketu will remain in Cancer and Capricorn sign respectively throughout 2018
  • Mars will enter into Scorpio 17th January’18 and then subsequently changes almost every 2months ending into Pisces.
  • Sun will enter into Capricorn on Makar Sankranti day then with movement of almost 1month ends up by entering to Sagittarius.

Similarly, other planets will be having their respective movement accordingly.

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In Cancer 2018 Horoscope, opening year  will be excellent from prospective of health for Cancer Moon sign people as it will bring good health and overcomes diseases troubling in previous year and finds them in good of health as Rahu transiting passing through their Lagna may be troubling more mentally than physically with one or other dilemmatic thoughts hence physical ailment too prevailing with such illusive thought process. From mid-February till Mid-March & from mid-May to mid-August. there can be attack of any seasonal disease, fever, stomach, digestion, lower abdomen especially in internal reproductive organs or eye related trouble can occur. These are the periods in which cancer Moon sign natives needs to care more care as already said Rahu & Ketu passing through the 1-7 axis is capable of giving sudden troubles in terms health which will be mostly derived from the faulty and unwanted thought process. Cancer Moon sign people are suggested to worship Lord Bhairav, Lord Ganesha  & peepal tree all year for mitigation of health related issues.           

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In Cancer 2018 Horoscope, from spouse and conjugal life prospects for the married couples, this year may not be so blissful and as the transit of Rahu & Ketu being passing through the 1- 7 axis house of marriage and spouse all along this year. If the prevailing dasha in the Cancer Moon sign people is also adverse this year may be tough and vulnerable, attracting unwanted confrontation, misunderstandings, dryness in mutual bonding. There may be development of illegitimate or false relations which can lead to regrets and distress. After second half of February till mid of March situation will seem to be good and controlled. From May starting till October last there married couple should take extra care, there can be deep anguish, aggression developing in the relation, arguments, in worse case there can be separation as well. Lord Hanuman & Lord Ganesh worship is suggested.

Since this year as stated may not attract good relation or suitable spouse to those are willing to enter into wedlock or seeking compatible match. Chances are there that some kind of false, suspicious or unsuitable opposite match can met to the Cancerians , so better beware if strong dasha support is not  there in individuals horoscope. Growth, promotions in terms of career/ profession to the spouse of Cancer Moon Sign people is predicted during the period between mid-oct to mid-November.

Nubile or ready for wedlock persons will not be having much support and favor this year and love birds too not have any favorable instances & chances that they can convert their love interest into matrimonial bond from transit point of view till last October after that only they can expect something favorable.  Although as told, it depends lot on other factors such as running dasa, 7th house condition of individual’s horoscope yet transit is in support.


In Cancer 2018 Horoscope, this year 2018 from wealth/finance viewpoint  will  give boost with gains and financial stability throughout the year , will be having opportunity and favor to purchase valuables, fixed assets , revamp the existing with new modern styling, vehicles etc.. All the year along with boosted income there will be same amount of expenditures attached. Major transit of Saturn through 6th house will wardoff many evils bringing pleasant time. Initially in the beginning it will be not so significant but after February things will start changing.

In Cancer 2018 Horoscope, during mid-april till mid-Jun significant gains will be taking place for all those who are either in job or own a business gains in position or promotion in career on enhanced salary package or gain of new contracts, opportunities in the business men attracting money and improving fixed deposits, this will be period of expected gains which native may have planned or expecting since long. During mid-June till mid-July & from mid-August till mid-September it is suggested to the natives that they should not get overexcited, avoid investments, sale purchase as it may be troublesome, losses, either increase your expenditures or put you under debts. Rest of the year will good and will improve Cancer Moon sign people financial stability and status.

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In Cancer 2018 Horoscope, throughout the year there will be instances putting before the Cancer moon sign native offers or should say opportunities to improve their career in terms of rank, position, wealth whatever and strange thing is that it can be both expected and unexpected so Cancerians gear up this year to have wings of fire all along year. Major transit of Saturn through 6th house will wardoff many evils bringing good job change offers to the Cancerians. Initially in the beginning it will be not so significant but after March things will start changing specifically for those who are in the jobs and Serving others.

In Cancer 2018 Horoscope, During mid-april till mid-Jun significant gains will be taking place for all those preparing for the government Job or administrative services may have feather in their Cap also those serving private industries will enjoy promotions, accolades in career on enhanced salary package. Business men can expect gain of new contracts, opportunities in the business, will give ample opportunities to explore new paradigm in their regime. Duration between Mid-October till December there will be growth in the career /profession of the Cancerian’s spouses as well. For those who are new pass out candidates may have good time to receive good quality job this year. There can be change of place to those who are in job or service industry. Very good year for the Cancer Moon sign people.


In terms of domestic happiness and children prospective this year can be predicted as challenging as the transit of Jupiter is already occurring in the fourth house till October and is capable to bring sorrow through relations and possibility of humiliation, ego clashes, disputes of trivialities, during the period of mid-august till mid-September  & mid-October till mid-November special attention has to be taken otherwise family conflicts can become deep disputes within members specially in joint family scenario. Relation with spouse will also be dried accompanied with occasional yet strong strife on unknown or silly reasons all along special care need to be taken during the period of May-August as during this period differences or conflicts may grow to such a level that may lead to separation or legalities.

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Worshipping Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesh sincerely can help to mitigate condition. From Mid-January till starting of March there can be health related issues and problems to the children. Chances of getting injury through metal will be there also unwarranted worries and anguish for the children may be seen apart from this, children can also become source of happiness during this period too by performance in studies, winning awards, accolades etc. Period from March -April may can be tough time for the maternal side of the native bringing health or financial challenges to them.


The period March-April till first week of May cancer Moon sign native will experience something specific and significant related to health, feet, left eye, spouse’s health, expenditures any kind, material gains, related to hospital will happen for sure.  Good or bad will depend on individual’s horoscope but fields where things will happen is marked. However, it is suggested to the Cancer Moon Sign people that remedies related to Mars, Saturn should have to be done during this period to mitigate, overcome adversities if any and to have physical and mental strength.



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