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Best & Easy Remedies for Moon
19 Dec 2021

12 Best & Easy Remedies For Moon Planet For Any Problem of Horoscope

Best & Easy Remedies for Moon in Astrology which can be done without much efforts and expenses.

Since in the first article of Moon remedies we had given some common but useful remedies which we also use in our counsels and many readers do also get benefited by using them for their whatever purpose they have. In this article we would like to give some more remedies which can help readers and Astro enthusiasts to get more benefits.

Best & Easy Remedies for Planet Moon

Since we all know that Moon is the mother of planet Mercury and Moon is very delicate as governs our mind and mood which can make our life as said in text that “Chandrama Manso Jaatah”. Moon is governing mood, mind in astrology. Moon represents mother, motherly figure, food, water, milk in our day-to-day life. Moon gets exalted in Taurus which is own by Venus falling in 2nd house of kalpurush kundli while gets debilitated in 8th house own by Mars and fall in 8th house of natural zodiac. Best & Easy Remedies for Moon remedies will provide safeguard against bad Moon which may be in natal chart, transit, during the malefic mahadasha or antardasha, conjunction etc.

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Best & Easy Remedies for Moon

  • First best & easy remedies, we all know that silver metal (chandi) is represented by Moon and also water, milk etc. Since Moon and Sun are the only god whom we can see with our naked eyes thus offering water to them is best praise we can do, for Moon what we need to do is to pour fresh water as we do for Sun god in morning. Take shower in the evening or change full clothes then take fresh running water in silver glass or utensil and pour/offer it to Moon God by chanting any one mantra as below:

      ॐ सों सोमाय नम: (Om Som Samay Namah) or श्रां श्रीं श्रौं सः चन्द्राय नमः (Om Shram Sreem Shraum Sah         Chandraay Namah) 11 times.

Note: while offering water to Moon by stretched hands, put one pot/bucket/vessel etc. under so that falling     water shall not touch your feet, let that water in the pot/bucket etc. overnight, in morning pour it any plant pot or tree.

  • One of the best & easy remedies for Moon is to Regularly donate fresh prepared food anything like, Rice made items, chapati-curry, Poori etc. or what you can preper easily at home for needy people in the society or nearby temple.
  • Another best and easy remedies for Moon is to regularly keep fast on Mondays or on Full Moon day’s (Poornima) without eating any kind of salt and grains, relying on fruits, juice, other falahaari things but no milk or product made by it. And must offer water as mentioned above to Moon.
  • Wear 2 mukhi Rudraksha after purifying it with Om Namah Shivay chant and Abhishekam.
  • Placing Rice in any big packet and also hanging Peacock feathers in the room/house can help to improve the Moon.
  • Wear silver bangle in right hand is also one of the good remedies for Moon.
  • Other best and easy remedies for Moon is to do puja/abhishekam with water and unboiled milk of shivlng of around 1 or 1.5 inch made of parad (Mercury) regularly while chanting mahamrityunjay mantra or Om Namah Shivay
  • Make habit of drinking water in silver glass, avoid taking milk product and milk in night if Moon having affliction with malefic Saturn.
  • Donate milk, sugar and rice separately or can prepare kheer and donate in the temple or to the brahmin/priest in the temple on every full Moon and new moon days.
  • Many get benefits from this best and easy Moon remedies to regularly doing Japam of Krishna Mahamantra as given by ISKCON is also good remedy for pacifying Moon.
  • One should plant and take care of flame of forest or Palash tree to appease Moon. Banyan tree can also be planted
  • Reduce Salt intake, preserve water and stop wastage, avoid awaking late in night, use camphor in day to life either by burning or putting in corner of the room are good methods to control Moon if causing problem.
  • Nonetheless, take bath regularly in the morning and wearing light color clean clothes daily is utmost necessary for those who are having afflicted or undergoing troubled Moon dasha.

Essentials for Moon remedies 

One thing must be kept in mind that above remedies for moon are very common and time tested for planet Moon which can be done by both males and female. Must be started with faith and only after seeing affliction in the horoscope and in good muhurtha to get benefit. Moreover, note that spiritual remedies should not be blindly performed it should be properly consulted and analyzed first by the expert astrologer. The ethical dos and don’ts i.e., refraining also have huge impact as though each and every element around us must be representing anything of the planets. Keeping moral conduct good purifies our inner wellbeing and helps to look beyond our imperfect senses.


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