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Combination of Sun & Rahu
sun rahu conjunction
24 Aug 2017

Effects of Sun Rahu Conjunction in Astrology

Sun Rahu Conjunction is not so favorable combination in horoscope.


It is well known fact that SUN and MOON are the greatest enemies of RAHU and KETU because they only have informed Lord Vishnu that they are sitting in the queue of lords when the distribution of elixir (Amrit) was going on after the churning of ocean then Lord Vishnu severed the head of demon with sudarshan chakra thus head part till face is called RAHU and from throat till leg is called as KETU.


Sun Rahu Conjunction is usually termed as Grahan yoga. Sun gets eclipsed only with RAHU hence SUN is very weak here.

Stands For

Rahu is fake, deception, selfish, cunning, manipulative, illusion, confusion etc.

While sun is royal, king, ego, government, father, Light, power etc.

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Impact on Personality

Thus combination of both rahu with sun give double standard Ego, creating fake impression about self, imposes fake ego to others, seeking cynosure.


This Sun Rahu Conjunction is also termed as pitra dosha, past life curse here Rahu eclipses over the characteristics of rahu with Sun by its illusion and manipulative nature. By act of these things people gets defamed in one or the other ways and hence name fame will not be reflected.

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Specific Result in 8th House

Here natives explore deeper mysteries of life, attract towards occult practice & psychology , works in unmindful way which leads to obsession for deeper science etc.

Popular Opinion

Above results are general in nature varies from horoscope to horoscope, results also depends on other factors also such as house, degree, involvement of Jupiter and benefics, astakvarga points etc. Above results intensity may vary but intention remains the same.

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