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shani sade sati
8 Oct 2017

Shani Sade Sati : 7 ½ Years of Saturnine Impact

Today, most commonly dreaded term used whilst talking to folks in context to astrology is Shani Sade Sati or 7 1/2 yrs of Saturn transit or Shani Dhaiya. This term is being so much generalized that even a non-astrology enthusiast would have heard a lot about its tremendous impact on human life in negative terms per se, as it is usually known for its bad results.

Saturn is although a malefic planet but is a king maker, Karmadhipati, owner of 10th and 11th houses of Kalpurusha’s Kundli. Thus, a natural significator of Karma or profession and house of gains or Laabh Bhava. Hence Saturn gives exactly the same result or fruits as what we did and doing, it will be purely based on the karma, if we will do good then good will happen for sure and if bad then nobody can avert the bad fruit for us.

Since Saturn is a slowest planet and many a times after putting rigorous effort people think that it’s a sheer waste but it is not like that, result is sure and certain, no doubt it will come, mostly when we were not expecting of it. This is the beauty of the planet Saturn , the only planet who truly works on karmas/deeds. The 11th house also falls under the lordship of Saturn which comes immediately after 10th hence the gains or losses associated and attracted are according to our karma or deeds. That is why Saturn says perform first then ask for result, no deeds no results.

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In our experience, we have seen that during the dasha/ bhukti ,Sade Sati of planet Saturn, the factor called luck or fate ceases or diminishes to work in support to the native because it is the time when the result or fruits of our karmas that we had performed previously and are performing currently meaning ,whatever good or bad or neutral we had done or doing comes out during this period.

Thus, the native has to work hard and choose his/her actions wisely to get the results or get readied to accept the perish. Proportion of success is verily equivalent to the amount of hard work or plodding labor executed honestly in every sphere of life. This is how the Saturn works.

There are many mis-conceptions and misleading theories propounded with slightest of emerging experience of the nowadays up surging astrology enthusiasts, which has created a panic as we hear the name of Saade Saati or 7 ½ yrs. term of Saturn but actually it is not always or thumb rule that this Saade Saati will be always bad.

Since Saturn resides in a rasi or sign for almost 2 ½ yrs. thus when Saturn passes through 12th,1st,2nd houses from Moon ascendant it is said that the native is under Shani Sade Sati.

Shani Sade Sati is a transitional phenomenon of Saturn which can be estimated by finding out the current rasi or sign of transit/gochar of Saturn and making  that house occupied by Moon as a Ascendant/Lagna then by searching where the sign falls, if it is in 12th, 2nd, 1st house then the native is called to be in Sade Sati. Since these 7 ½ yrs. period comes once in the 30 yrs. of span as Saturn takes approx. 2.5 Yrs. to pass one Sign / Rasi and to cross 12 Signs / Rasi, 30 yrs. is needed. In Parashari system we generally took 5 dasha life or take 100 yrs. life span as a standard for human being. Thus 3 cycles or 3 Saade Saati a man can have on an average if we take 100 yrs. as a life span of individual. Though there are several people as exceptions who live more than 100 yrs . This is the 90-degree angular movement of Saturn, 45 degrees ahead of Moon and 45 degrees back of Moon.


It is seen invariably as per dictum in our scriptures that 1st  cycle of Saade Saati which comes within 30 yrs. of age of native is much powerful and bound to give results, crucial, harsh and struggling time for the undergoing native.

Second cycle or 2nd saade saati comes around 60 yrs. which is believe and actually is very weak and strength less and incapable influencing much to the native.

While the last or 3 saade saati becomes very powerful as because till that time man itself becomes very weak to withstand any physical and mental jerks of life and therefore death or equivalent is seen during the last cycle. There are many exceptions as well who are able to cope with it in the last cycle.

Generalized result is that when :

  • Saturn enters,12th house or 1st step in Saade Saati, it gives troubles more at mental level,tensions,anxieties etc.
  • Saturn enters in 1st house or 2nd step, it gives physical troubles such as accidents, injuries, wounds,very fatal.
  • Saturn enters in the 2nd house or 3rd step, it gives financial losses, family issues,unexpected troubles, losses

It should always be borne in mind that only Shani Sadi Sati can never do anything bad or good to the native until there is a promise in the prevailing mahadasha / bhukti going on and more over the position of the natal Saturn position in Horoscope to play an important role in fructifying the results which we are expecting.

 If the bad dasha is prevailing along with bad placement of Saturn in the horoscope then the bad result of that particular dasha/bhukti can be expected in that stretch of 7 ½ yrs. transit of Saturn while if good dasha / bhukti along with excellent placement of Saturn in horoscope and then the stretch of 7 ½ will be boon and favorable outcome can be predicted. If either of these dasha /bhukti, placement of Saturn is imbalanced then a mixed result can be found.

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Here one eminent point we would like to put before every astrology enthusiast and readers that, any transit result or even dasha result should not be predicted without proper assessing the Sarvastakvarga & Bhinnastakvarga Points because on the basis of these point we would assess the strength and capability of the planet which is supposed to  deliver the results and the least used concept of Vedha, Vipreet Vedha also to be considered while forecasting any event to an accuracy on account of transit of Saturn in houses of concern.That is why transitory planets are referred  as a delivery boy who only brings before us the prepared result of dasha/bhukti or planetary  configuration.

There are various examples of leaders, celebrities, famous persons in the history who sworn in as ministers or so  during the Shani Sade Sati Period, become renowned and achieved laurels and fame.Similarly there are various instances & cases when many celebrites ,leaders etc. faced their downfall and confronted their worst phase of life during the Shani Sade Sati. Many people and clients of our’s whom we know personally delivered excellent of their life’s when they are expecting of the bad during their Saade Saati period while there are many who suffered tremendously as predicted and losses incur to them invariably.  Thus, merely seeing the Shani Sade Sati one should not utterly refer to the bad results but it should have to be analyzed properly before arriving to any result.




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