2018 Career Report

2018 Career Report

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2018 Career report explains the prospects of career growth, promotions, college admission, job change in coming year. This report contain detailed analysis of business prospect in quarterly format. This report is based on your birth chart, transits of major planets and your current running dasha/ bhukti periods. If you are going through any bad transits, you will also get remedial recommendations for those planets.

Additionally you can ask 3 specific questions from business area of your life e.g Will I get promotion this year ? and get a specific detailed report with replies to queries

Reports Contains

1. 1 Year (2018) reports in quarterly format.
2. Replies to three specific queries.
3. Do’s and Don’ts.
4. Recommendations of applicable astrological remedies.
5. Favorable Gemstone.
6. Any query related to the report with in 30 days of delivery will be answered free of cost.


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