All Rudiments About Planet Venus

7 Sep 2017

All Basics About Planet Venus

These are the rudimentary related to Planet Venus and its representations in our life’s….

  • Planet Venus is the Minister of the solar system. Venus is Brahmin by caste, Rasi Sign- Bull (Taurus), scale of justice (Libra). Venus is the most beautiful, lustful among all planets.
  • Venus is the natural karaka of the wife, semen. Owner of the sign Taurus and Libra, 2nd and 7th in the zodiac.
  • Female, joyful, charming in physique, has beautiful brilliant eyes, is a poet with curly hairs. Variegated blue complexion. Watery, raajsick, phlegmatic and windy in nature. Blue color clothes represent this planet.
  • She has governance over bedrooms, places of sexual activity, and places that are meant for fulfilling lustful actions, places of dance etc.
  • Represents ‘spring’ (Vasanta Ritu) in all seasons. Silver, diamonds, opals, zircon are represented by this planet .

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  • Exalted in sign Pisces (0-27 degrees), debilitated in sign Virgo (0-27 degrees), Mooltrikona is sign Libra (0-5 degrees), own sign Taurus (0-30 degrees), Libra (5-30 degrees).
  • Face, eye sight, all reproductive secretions ,reproductive organs, excretory system of the body, glands of tears, beard, cheek, squint, , glandular secretion, endocrine system, facial glow, teeth, immunity system of our body, acidulous taste, gram, white rice, rhythmic sound, perfumes, scents,  ittars, deodarants are all Venusian
  • Marriage, attractive robes and clothes, jewelries , sexual desires, youthfulness, all physical luxuries and sophistications , all luxurious  vehicles , poetries, music , cinema, actor, actress, beauty products, fashion, modeling, beauty and grandeur , black  hairs, curly hairs, oblique vision, hotels, photography are  subjects related and represented by Planet Venus.
  • Friends : Mercury, Saturn
  • Enemy : Moon, Sun
  • Constellation/Nakshatra : Bharni, Poorvphalguni , Poorvashadh
  • Avataar : Parshuram Avtaar (Ansh Avtaar)
  • Venus have oblique aspect (Tiryak drishti)
  • Lord of 2nd and 7th house in kaalpurush’s kundali.
  • Movement : 62 to 82 minutes per day
  • Represents floral ,creepy plants and trees


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