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Pisces Ascendant
22 Sep 2017

Pisces Ascendant – Guts and Glory

Pisces Ascendant or Rising Person has many unique qualities. Pisces is the last(twelfth) sign of the natural zodiac. When it becomes the ascendant or rising sign, meaning it occupies the first house of the chart, induces its sublimity in the native. Native inherits some basic traits from almighty which renders native to impart his role in this world of mortals.

The characteristics of the sign will be clearly reflected in actions reactions profoundly at large and will be distinguishable as the ascendant is our body which acts as a tool for performing our role destined in this life.

  • The Pisces ascendant or Pisces rising native will have generally middle sized stout fleshy body, average height and with clear and fairly grimy, swarthy complexion. Contoured face with elegant eyes resembling to fish with nice lips and forehead. Nice thick and bouncy hairs. Overall Pisces natives are good looking and of pleasant appearance.
  • Obstinate, ambitious, stoical, orthodox, reserved, superstitious, god fearing, timid, sympathetic, independent benign, compassionate, intelligent, talented, gutsy, perseverance, are the adjectives that should be included in composition of eulogy for Pisces Ascendant natives.
  • Sometimes restless, highly frugal, filled with anxiety, harsh, rigid and overcautious about their eating and drinking habits also along dealing with opposite sex.
  • Philosophical, learned, low self-confidence, prudent, religious, bigotry is clearly reflected in the character. Arrogant about the educational achievements and any victorious attainments. Conservative, astute, lazy, stays away from pomp and show, never tries to interfere in others business, humble, trustworthiness.
  • Generally, possesses strong mind and body but because the mind is apprehensive so its energy is wasted here and there, gets quickly adapted towards the situations and circumstances. Feels strong in day as compared to night.

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  • Jupiter being the lord of Pisces ascendant or rising. Thus, Jupiterian qualities uphold over native’s conducts. Hence follows the upright and straightforward path, psychically receptive, religiously bent and performs the customs and rituals dedicatedly, stays away from hypocrisy and deceit but wants to have control and authority over others.
  • Pisces ascendant people suffer generally from troubles arising due to excess of phlegm in the body and many times bile also we have seen.
  • Prone to chronic problems in chest and lungs, obesity, constipation, joints related issues, cough and cold lasting for longer period than usual and more of phlegmatic issues. It is seen at large that their health is good in the youth but with the age they attract diseases more often after 50 yrs.
  • The natives of this ascendant possess keen intelligence that they can pursue any field of creativity, can become excellent counselor, tax expert, finance manager, can provide consultancy regarding any service very well, excellent teacher, lecturer, an affable author. Subjects such as astrology, arts, history, mythology, spirituality, occult and Para Vidya they can pursue well and grow to extremes.

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  • They should try to avert within themselves the habit of drawing premature conclusion about anything and don’t be extremely superstitious and timid. Confront with the problems of life don’t ran away, improve your self -confidence. Native should also avoid unnecessary stubbornness and cultivate within themselves knack of giving ears to others words and ideas too.

Conditions :

Above Portrayal of a persons character and attributes are influenced by the various factors such as planet occupying the ascendant, aspect of planets on ascendant, their strength etc.

Above stated are the general common points which are basic traits of rising sign /ascendant hence should not be applied bluntly and blindly merely seeing the sign rising in ascendant .

Suppose to say,If Aries ascendant occupied by Saturn or aspected by Saturn then certainly the complexion of the native will  not only have blood red but also have darkish dint, likewise in character also there will be influence of Saturn so on and so forth.

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