Peepal Tree - A Wonder Tree
23 Aug 2017

Peepal Tree – A Wonder Tree


Peepal Tree is considered as a miraculous tree in our Vedic culture and tradition. Our scriptures such Brahma Purana, Skand Purana, Padma Purana and the Bhagwad Gita too depicts and portrays various stories to bring before us the importance of this tree.

Trimurthi resides in the peepal tree. Lord Brahma, in the roots Lord Vishnu, in the trunk  and Lord Shiva, in the leaves.

And on Saturday Goddess Lakshmi has her divine abode in the tree.

From astrological remedial point of view, mitigation of saturn is recommended by worshipping peepal tree on saturdays. Pouring water, lighting a lamp of mustard oil and circumambulating 7 times the tree significantly provides  relief  to the native running under bad saturn dasa or transit( sadesati) etc.

Moreover, Goddess Lakshmi also resides in the tree on saturday so by regularly worshipping peepal tree one may receive the divine blessings of Goddess in terms of wealth and prosperity.

It is also narrated in mythologies that our ancestors have abode in peepal trees. There are astrological combinations in horoscope which indicates any past life curse, curse from forefathers (Pitru Dosa) etc. so by worshipping regularly and sincerely, souls of forefathers become happy and blesses one ,effects of the curse may be mitigated or reduced considerably.

Those women who are having problems in getting progeny and conception must worship this tree regularly except on sunday and thursday to get their wish fulfilled.

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