Angarak Yoga / Mars Rahu Conjuntion

mars rahu conjunction
21 Nov 2017

Effects of Mars Rahu Conjunction or Angarak Yoga in Horoscope

Mars Rahu conjunction or yuti is termed as the Angaarak Yoga which in itself is very powerful. This combination basically induces the native with tremendous amount of energy both physically and mentally because of this enormous energy they feel anxious, impatient and vibrant all the time. They are not easily satisfied and paused in every undertaking they are indulged.

Thus, this energy if channelized in proper way becomes constructive otherwise proves to be very destructive for self and family members also. We will try to elaborate this combination in little wider so that readers may have better understanding of how and why this combination behaves in such a distinquised manner.

Actually, we all know that planet contributing planets signifies as following in Vedic Astrology.

Rahu is soldier, Malechha (outcaste, foreigners, such as Muslims, Christians etc.) by caste, head and face, shadowy, smoke, ugly awkward looking, smoky color (bluish or black) complexion, ill-speaking, argumentative, harsh, windy, taamsick, in nature, represents planet Rahu. fake, deceptive, selfish, cunning, manipulative, illusion, confusion, smoke etc. and        

Mars is fire, most adamant among all planets. Kshatriya (Warrior), owner of the sign Aries, Scorpio 1st and 8th in the zodiac, army men, arms and weapons bravery, valor, anger, landed properties, disputes, conspiracy, accidents, wounds, masculine power, instrumentation, legalities and litigation are all subjects related and represented by planet Mars.

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  • When both the energies combine themselves as a one then Rahu, the amplifier, the smoke, illusion, deception pervades or should say blends with the purest form of Martian energy of valor, bravery, anger creates huge impact on the driving actions of the native whether negative or positive it depends on drivers such as aspects of benefics or malefic , house of occupancy, degree of Rahu and Mars etc. but surely great level of aggression in the actions of the will be reflected.
  • When benefic aspect this combination then native aspires to become healer, doctor, researchers, engineers and in any constructive work.
  • When malefic aspect this combination then native tends to behave like insane, strong suicidal tendencies, can become killer, smuggler, dacoit etc. means use of energy in destructive process.
  • If no aspect then consider house of occurrence of combo, degree, dignity of which planet among two is dominating then only prediction can be made if happens to be in 3rd,6th,11th or 8th house then damage control and significant alteration in results from bad to good is seen in many endeavors although native is prone to encounter accidents.
  • General results which can be propounded on the basis of Mars Rahu conjunction includes sexual perversions, anxiety, makes native a good quality athlete, bearing sporty spirit and residence away from motherland.
  • Obstinacy or unnecessary bigotry with inner wish to dominate and subdue others will be marked feature of the people having Mars Rahu conjunction.
  • Diseases related to blood, high blood pressure, mental derangement due to over excitement if moon too joins, usually sweat smells foul.

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  • Native with Mars Rahu Conjunction will be clever cunning and behaves presents self as if he/she is very innocent, tries to misguide people and portrays false impression about self for others.
  • Usually, Angaarak Yoga or Mars Rahu conjunction disturbs or loosens the bond of relations signified by the house occupied such as if in 4th house, not good or spoiled relation with mother and if in 9th house then relation with father will be troubled for sure likewise so-on & so-forth.

Above results of Mars Rahu Conjunction are general in nature varies from horoscope to horoscope, results also depends on other factors also such as house, degree, involvement of Jupiter and benefics, astakvarga points, navamsha etc.,though results intensity may vary but intention remains the same.

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