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ketu in 1st house
28 Oct 2017

Colors of Ketu in 1st House

Impact of Ketu in 1st House in Horoscope of Male and Females in Vedic Astrology

  • Ketu in 1st House is not praised in classics as well as in real time experiences too. The native will be troubled and perturbed by the relatives and dread of vicious.
  •  Native with Ketu in 1st house is not able to differentiate clearly and opt out what is good or bad for them, inability to make correct decision.

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  • The native is usually seen as a liar, ungrateful, spiritless, dismissed from service, afraid of sex and intimacy if no benefic influence is found on the ascendant or first house.
  • Usually native perspire/ sweats more, possess weak, emaciated body and feebly disposed from inside. The native faces scandals, sometimes danger to face and eyes, possess bilious body, rheumatism and piles in later years.
  • The native undergoes monotony, deceitful, selfish and lack of moral stability is seen. Psychic powers or Ill thought process, aimless wandering, lack of consistency, excitability and strange or uneven appetite are earmarked features with Ketu in first house.
  • Their marriage life too is troubled and bears the same wavelength and similar outcome along with same approach as in Rahu.

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  • But nevertheless, one thing we have seen in practice that with Ketu in 1st house, native if sticks to daily spiritual activities like praying, chanting whatever they feel at ease can reduce their miseries to quiet a large extent because Ketu is a spiritual planet and blesses the person when involved in such activities.    


Words of Wisdom –

In above article Portrayal of a persons character and attributes are extremely general in nature &  are influenced by the various factors such as planet occupying the house, aspect of planets on house, their strength etc. Above stated are the general common points which are basic traits of Planet occupying a particular house hence should not be applied bluntly and blindly merely seeing the sign & planet occupying the house .

We suggest, everyone should get their horoscope evaluated with competent astrologer to check the flaws and doshas etc. because there are many other points to ponder over and we have touched a general aspect because of length of article and writing. We are trying to create  to overview about this lengthy topic and will be delivering more on time to time.

General Remedies for Ketu





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