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26 Jan 2018

Capricorn 2018 Horoscope Predictions


As the new year is on the door, Person with Capricorn Moon Sign or Makar Rashi enthralled to know what are the Capricorn 2018 Horoscope or Makar Rashi 2018 prediction is beholding for them. What opportunities, what embellishments, challenges, transformations and makeover this upcoming year 2018 is going to bring for us? Everyone us is eagerly looking forward to know the answers of many such questions arising in their mind. We will try throw light on the possibilities for the natives of each moon sign through the transit of major planets taking place in this year.

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Though these Capricorn 2018 Horoscope prediction are generalized and made for all the nativities falling under the specific Moon sign. Readers must always bear in mind that these predictions are common to all and may vary on the basis of other peculiarities such as prevailing dasha, permutation combination which an individual’s horoscope possess. But it is very sure that the pointed areas will be receiving favors or adversities, intensity may be varying depending upon individual’s horoscope.

Transit of major planets for Capricorn 2018 Horoscope or Makar Rashi 2018 will be as below:

  • Saturn will remain in Sagittarius all along 2018
  • Jupiter will be in libra till 11th October ’18 then it will move to Scorpio sign
  • Rahu and Ketu will remain in Cancer and Capricorn sign respectively throughout 2018
  • Mars will enter into Scorpio 17th January’18 and then subsequently changes almost every 2 months ending into Pisces.
  • Sun will enter into Capricorn on Makar Sankranti day then with movement of almost 1 month ends up by entering to Sagittarius.

Similarly, other planets will be having their respective movement accordingly.

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This year after Makar Sankranti with major transit of Saturn & Jupiter will be from twelfth & tenth house respectively along with Rahu & Ketu on seventh & first house all around year except Jupiter which will be moving towards eleventh house after October, initially from mid-January till first week of May , period may not called good in terms of health  specially from first week of March as native may be suffering from any kind of health issues, fever, seasonal troubles ,something to do with bones or lower abdomen, internal reproductive organ may happen but will diminish as the year approaches towards May . It is advisable to the native born with Capricorn Moon sign that they should take extra care of their physical health as during this period (after March) susceptibility of getting some kind of injury/accident in legs, eye may occur so better be cautious while driving any vehicle, metal, dealing with animals etc. Though retro Mars during June-August is also capable of giving diseases, trouble to physical body & health issues causing due to impurity of blood, mental dejection etc.

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 Thus, summarily this year will be a struggling all along if individual is undergoing any bad dasha then this year may prove to be fatal health wise. In generalized term physical body will be most vulnerable area to get attacked somehow. Sincere Japam, daan, homam and prayer to Planet Mars and Saturn need to be performed this year especially till August.


For Capricorn 2018 Horoscope, from spouse and conjugal life prospects for the married couples, current transit of Rahu in seventh will try to create sudden turbulence in marital bond and this can be felt more when Mars will get retrograded during June-August although it will start showing its color from the beginning of the March. There can be many occasions during this period which will be capable to create disharmony, clashes or bitterness in the mutual bond between the married couples, some sudden circumstances will arise that will lead to heated arguments and hamper the marital peace.

For Capricorn Horoscope 2018, this year will attract many potential relations but it will need thorough investigations as chances are that some fake or crook relations, some facts  may be concealed on account to get marriage from other side so be cautious. Love birds who are  who want to convert their love interest into permanent bond may face obstacles and some kind of unknown fear from inside strong dasha support is  utmost necessary for marriage to happen for the Capricorn Moon sign people in their horoscope. Growth, promotions in terms of career/ profession to the spouse of Capricorn Moon Sign people is predicted during the period between mid-April to mid-May. 

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For the Capricorn Moon sign, this year 2018 wealth/finance viewpoint in terms of transit of major planets, Saturn has already occupying twelfth house, Ketu and Rahu is having first and seventh house axis and moreover Jupiter is in tenth house till October thus  this transitory configuration is already causing struggles in financial management this year, if bad dasha is also running in individual’s chart then surely this year will be tough.

For Capricorn 2018 Horoscope, special care need to be taken during March-April extending upto mid-May & during November-December, during this period unwanted expenditures may pop up, troubles in earning, gains can be felt. No investment in any form should be made during this period, better to control finances and stay away from sale purchase activity, health-related issues can be seen, sudden hospitalizations, any unwanted development in family.

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But Later after October gains and profits will improve significantly. As native is running under first step of saade saati thus sincere worship of Lord Shani, peepal tree is suggested all along the year. Individual’s horoscope strength, dasa , position of Saturn in natal chart need to be analyze.


For Capricorn 2018 Horoscope, major Transit of Jupiter in tenth house and Saturn in twelfth house. Certainly, this year will bring gains through the career, profession. Jupiter being the planet for growth and enlargement undoubtedly bring several opportunities till October for enhancing the career paradigm and will give new direction to the career as well, those who are running business they may not experience significant gains in their show yet direction and learning of new things and idea will certainly be there which will be working for them after October for sure.

Some disruptions obstacles will also come on the way due to Saturn in twelfth and Rahu-Ketu axis on seventh and first house respectively but with willful and aim bound approach these hurdles can be conquered. If the position of Saturn and Jupiter in the natal chart of individual is also good then nobody can stop the native from getting 100 percent out of this year in terms of career /profession etc.

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In our personal experience, we came across many instances when jobless fellows or freshers of many years after passing out got the job during this time. Expenditures will also be there in this year but chances of growth will also keep on coming. Plenty of offers and chances of career enhancement will be seen especially after September this year. There will be growth in the immovable assets, vehicle, luxury items during this year for sure. When Mars gets retrograded that duration should have to be avoided for sale and purchase of immovable assets.


In terms of family happiness, initially in the beginning of the year till starting of March,children may be having some health issues or may get hurt near ear or shoulder during this period, April-May especially can bring more happiness from children side they can win distinctions, accolades, awards during this period, those planning for children this period will be best duration and during this period birth of baby can also expected.

Spouse’s health and relation with him/her will be unsatisfactory and conflicts can be seen in this year, During May-Nov special care need to be taken. April-May may bring career upliftment to the spouse of the Capricorn born native, promotions, rewards etc. Strained relations or any trouble to health of the elder siblings can occur during mid-January till March starting. Parents must be having good time this year in terms of health leaving few months.

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During mid-February till mid-March & also November-December, any kind of conflict, quarrels may pop up within the members of family  or some kind of differences in opinion which can create unrest and strong enough to spoil the family peace and environment. Overall it will be mixed and more towards good year in terms of family and domestic happiness.


For Capricorn 2018 Horoscope, the period March-April till first week of May Capricorn Moon sign native will experience something specific and significant in context to stomach, waist, disease, enemies, job, maternal uncle, debts, indictment, confinement, quarrels, injury, accidents, competitions, servant etc. will happen for sure. How, what, good or bad will depend summarily on individual’s horoscope but fields where things will happen is pointed out thereby. These will be the areas which will be receiving some or other kind of changes, events during given period of time surely.



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