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23 Aug 2017

AstroSaga – Moon Ketu Conjunction

Moon Ketu Conjunction – The person having Moon and Ketu conjunction in natal chart /birth chart will have a kind of mental complex, mostly inferiority .This tendency is basically related to some kinda fear which is mostly not reflected to others but at times it can be easily noticed by the others as the native feels distressed or humiliated in any particular matter of concern of life.

Mostly it is seen that with Ketu Conjunct Moon native may not be having good mutual relation and their mother too suffer from health or kind of illness.

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The person is having dried emotions, introvert and has own imaginary world. Secludes himself socially, loves to be alone are some effects of Moon Ketu Conjunction

Thinks very much aimlessly and takes wrong decisions.

Native with Moon Ketu Conjunctions are most prone to have phobias, mental issues, many a times supernatural affliction if bad transit or malefic dasa is on.

The greatest drawback of this combination is that in initial ages it may not be so intense but as the life progresses these tendencies becomes more obvious and high in magnitude.

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Surely, above mentioned tendencies should not depicted as exactly because other astrological factors, dasa,and Jupiter’s intervention have play pivotal role in prediction.


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