About Us


About Us


Jupiterspeaks.com has been started with a mission to serve those who believe in astrology and vision to help the needy. More over create faith about astrology among those who had lost their believe in astrology because of failed predictions, heavy commercialisation, failure of astrological remedies etc.

Having faith on astrology since birth and seen its miracle every now and then, we have decided broaden its spectrum to that much level so everyone who comes in contact should be benefited and we could be a cause of its happiness.

We are practicing and serving since long from our home but our reach was limited. Now we have prepared to serve with the help of modern technology to expand our reach with faster and more efficient service.

We provide solution to the problems which are easy to manage with little investment of time and money ,more elaborately we recommend gemstones and mantras strictly based on the analysis of individual horoscope, planetary transits. Gemstone recommendation may include precious or semi precious stone, after years of practice & testing on individual. Similarly mantras are analysed suitably for individual based on his horoscope & planetary transits. These astrological remedies have proven to be magnificent in outcome with countless satisfied users around the country since decades with the grace of almighty.


Brief about the Consulting Astrologers 


Retd. Prof. Uma Shankar Sharma who is more than 85 years of age now is an eminent scholar of his time, post graduated in science, retired as deputy director. He is having more than 55+ yrs.of experience in astrology. He used to counsel people in free time when he was in service but after retirement he took astrology as his full time work and started devoting himself in serving people from all around the world.


Mr. Atul Raj Sharma elder grandson of Prof. U.S.Sharma graduated in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from reputed university. He served few companies for more than 3 yrs. but his soul could not find peace there as having legacy and profound affection and inclination towards this science since childhood. So ultimately he left the job and started assisting his grandfather, learned the wisdom of decades through him and also researching in various facets of this science. As of now, he is having more than 15+ yrs.of experience in Vedic Astrology.


Pt. Amit Misra a post graduated in Sanskrit from Sampoornanand University Varanasi, eminent disciple of Prof. Uma Shankar Sharma. He is having excellent knowledge of Vedic Samskaar, Vedic Rituals (karmakaand), Homam, Graha Shanti Pooja, Poojapaath, Divinity, Occults and other such related departments. Having more than a 15+ Years of experience in performing Hindu Vedic Practices & Vedic Astrology


Apart from the top team we do have other experts Astrologers like Mr Anurodh Sharma and Mr. Anis Arif having diversified experience in Astrology, Occult etc and dealing with same field for many years around the world. This list of experts will grow sooner in near future as though other services such as Vastu Services, Numerolgy, Tarot Cards Reading etc will be rolled out at the earliest.